Free Blues Yamaha Styles for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers

Yamaha PSR 1000

Free Blues Yamaha Styles for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers

Hello all,
here is a zipped file filled with blues Yamaha styles for your pleasure, it is compatible with all Yamaha PSR series arrangers, originally created for the Yamaha PSR 620.

In this free download you will find 58 different Yamaha styles for your arranger.

Below there is a list of the styles stored in the zipped file:

  • 2 Beat Swing
  • 4/4 Blues
  • 6/8 Blues (4)
  • 6/8 Gospel (2)
  • BB Ballad
  • BB Quick Step
  • BB Swing
  • Beguine (8)
  • Big Ballad (2)
  • Big Band (2)
  • Big Band Ballad
  • Big Band Jazz
  • Blues (3)
  • Band Ballad
  • Bolero (12)
  • Bolero Lento
  • Gospel
  • Gospel Waltz
  • Gospel Shuffle
  • Modern 6/8
  • Old Swing (2)
  • Pop Blues
  • Pop Raggae
  • Pop Swing
  • Swing Pop
  • Swing (3)
  • Swing XG
  • Traditional Swing
  • When A Man Loves


Have fun!

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