Free Yamaha Styles Pack for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers

Yamaha PSR 8000

Free Yamaha Styles Pack for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers

Here are a wonderful free Yamaha styles pack, they are suitable for every PSR keyboard, these ones was especially designed for the PSR-8000 but it is compatible with almost all Yamaha PSR series. All styles have four variations and they are in total 82 styles!

Here is the list:

  • 8BAdri.sty
  • 8Beat1.sty
  • 8Beat2.sty
  • 8Beat3.sty
  • 8Beat4.sty
  • 8BHeat.sty
  • 8BPop.sty
  • 8BSoft.sty
  • 8BSoul.sty
  • 16Ball∼1.sty
  • 16Ball∼2.sty
  • 16Ball1.sty
  • 16Beat1.sty
  • 16Beat2.sty
  • 16Beat3.sty
  • 16Beat4.sty
  • 68Ballad.sty
  • 68Rock.sty
  • 80’sRock.sty
  • AnalogP.sty
  • Baroque.sty
  • ClubDa∼1.sty
  • CoolNigh.sty
  • CowbRock.sty
  • DanceP∼1.sty
  • DanceS∼1.sty
  • DancSoul.sty
  • Entrance.sty
  • EpicBa∼1.sty
  • EuroBeat.sty
  • EuroHo∼1.sty
  • FunkFus.sty
  • FunkPop.sty
  • Fusion1.sty
  • Fusion2.sty
  • GameHS.sty
  • GtrBall.sty
  • HardRock.sty
  • HeartBe.sty
  • HipHop.sty
  • HipHopP.sty
  • JazzRock.sty
  • LAShuf∼1.sty
  • LoveSong.sty
  • Modern68.sty
  • OrganBa.sty
  • PianoBa.sty
  • PolkaP1.sty
  • PolkaP2.sty
  • PolkaP3.sty
  • PopBal1.sty
  • PopBal2.sty
  • PopBal3.sty
  • PopBal4.sty
  • PopRhum.sty
  • PopRo1.sty
  • PopRo2.sty
  • Rave.sty
  • Rock1.sty
  • Rock2.sty
  • Rock3.sty
  • Rock4.sty
  • RockBa∼1.sty
  • RockBal2.sty
  • RockBal3.sty
  • RockClas.sty
  • RockShf1.sty
  • RockShf2.sty
  • SlowBall.sty
  • SlowRo∼1.sty
  • SlowRo∼2.sty
  • SlowRo∼3.sty
  • SoftFus.sty
  • SoftRock.sty
  • SoulShuf.sty
  • StretPop.sty
  • SunyRock.sty
  • Techno1.sty
  • Techno2.sty
  • Trance1.sty
  • TripHop.sty
  • WestEnd.sty

Have fun!

Download PSR 8000 Styles (set 1)


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PSR 8000

Free Yamaha Styles Pack
Yamaha PSR 8000


70 Replies to “Free Yamaha Styles Pack for all Yamaha PSR Arrangers

    1. Unfurtunatly I don’t own any Yahama arrangers anymore so I cannot make tests, but if you could give more details (like your arranger model and the styles out of tune) I could at least make a note about this problem.

  1. cn I use above sty files in psr 425i
    and is it posible I cn use korg style in yamaha psr 425i .
    where I cn get indian music styles ?

  2. Hello Vimal,
    according to the user manual of the PSR I425 (link), page 74, your keyboard can load Yamaha styles with .sty extention so the answer is yes, you can load the above styles on the PSR I452, some style will sounds fine some will sounds “strange”, that’s because they are built for the PSR 8000 but still compatible with any PSR keyboard.
    About Indian styles, sorry, I don’t know where you can find them.

    1. I am also looking for that for several years. I could not find any arrangers yet with factory made styles of that time signatures. Please let me know if you find. You can make any styles using workstations like Kronos.

  3. hi frnds my name is robin, every sunday i play keyboard in my rc cartholic church plzzzz i want christian song styles very urgent plzzz
    my phone num is 7601005756
    my email is rexrobin250@gmail. com
    plzz very urgent

    1. Hi kinglele,
      unfortunately I don’t own a Medeli to try if it works, looking on Internet seems there aren’t any tools to convert Yamaha style format to Medeli style format, but I could be wrong.
      Let me know if you find such a tool so I can post it on the site 🙂

    1. sir would you please mail me a good number of them???? i am in great need of style files…. if you are free please mail the sty format style files to . thank you……

    2. am herath.please send me real thabla and dholki styles in sty format for yamaha psr e453.i can not find me.thank you.

  4. hi
    I am new in this forum
    i just bought the yamaha psr970 and i am getting used to it since this the 1st time on yamaha keyboards
    Anybody having shadows styles
    tks for your help
    Regards Jes

    1. Go to keyboard or search on youtube keyboard America he gives information on Tyros and Genos but you can do most as I have on the psr s770 etc you just need to press buttons and not the screen
      all the best John

    1. Hi Armaan,
      Casio rhythms and Yamaha styles are not compatible so you cannot use them directly on your CTK 6300IN, the good news is that soon I will publish Casio rhythms so stay tuned!

    1. Hi,
      since your keyboard is a PSR it should be compatible, you can try to check if the provided styles works, if they are not compatible don’t worry, your keyboard will just refuse to load them, but there are high chances that you can use them.
      If the styles work on your keyboard please post a reply here so that you can help other users with the same keyboard model!

    1. Hi,
      your PSR S550 should be able to load styles compatible with Tyros 1/2, PSR S900/700 and 3000.
      You could try one of these package to see if they are loaded and played correctly:

      PSR 3000 Styles

      Or you can try here : Piano Pop Ballad

      Please let me know if they works for your S550! Otherwise I will try to find something for you 🙂

      Have Fun!

      1. hi..thanks for reply..what i mean is I have psrs670..and i”m looking for piano pop ballad from psr s550 or psr500 or psr 550….and .about the styles from tyros,PSR S900)/700 or 3000 works properly in my psr s670…but i want the piano pop ballad from psr s550 or psr 550…i wish you can help me find this..thanks

        1. hi allanon..
          there was a video from was a song from the’s titled GIYANTA..
          and this was the stlyle what I’m looking for..kindly check it in youtube..hope you can help me..thanks

  5. i have a psr s670..and i saw a video song from youtube..and in the video they are using a psr s550 and I really like the music they’re using…its like a pop piano ballad…

    1. Hi,
      they should be compatible, but PSR 8000 styles have only 2 variations while your instrument supports up to 4 variation, 3 intros and 3 endings. You should be able to load more complex styles like the ones for the PSR S9xx and Tyros models.

      Tyros styles here

      PSR S970 styles here

  6. helo,sir,
    I want to play expansion pack on my Yamaha OS is can you help me how to play through usb pendrive ?my email id is [hidden for privacy] and my whatsapp number is [hidden for privacy].
    ill wait for your reply asap.thanking you.

  7. Hi. I need ethnic/Indian/oriental Yamaha Genos styles please. Please let me know. I won’t mind paying for ‘em.

  8. Hello Champions,


    I have Yamaha PSR 2100 keybaord and i need all Indian Bollwood and English Styles…If someone can help me will really appreciate from core of my heart. My email ID is
    your friend.

    Toronto, Canada.
    01 May 2020

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