Yamaha PSR S950 Free Styles Download

Yamaha PSR S950 Free Styles Download, keyboard styles

Yamaha PSR S950 Free Styles Download – Part 3

Hello all! Here is the another Yamaha PSR S950 Free Styles Download (part 3) with 32 styles ready to roll in your keyboard!
These styles are designed to run on the PSR S950 but should work in all Yamaha PSR Series keyboards, stay tuned for the next update and if you don’t want to miss a single post just subscribe!

Package contents

  • 3_4 Boston.sty
  • Club Bossa.sty
  • Club House.sty
  • Combo Boogie.sty
  • ContempBeat.sty
  • Contemporary.sty
  • Jive.sty
  • Jz GuitarSwing.sty
  • Latin Disco.sty
  • Latin Fusion.sty
  • Latin Schlager.sty
  • Light Beat.sty
  • Light Contemp.sty
  • Light Pop.sty
  • Light Rock.sty
  • Light Soul.sty
  • Love Beat.sty
  • Lovely Ballad.sty
  • Madison.sty
  • Mambo.sty
  • Manouche.sty
  • Medium Jazz.sty
  • Medium Jazz2.sty
  • Merengue.sty
  • MidnightBallad.sty
  • MidnightBlues.sty
  • MidnightSlow.sty
  • Modern MedSwing.sty
  • MoonlightPop.sty
  • Slow Waltz.sty
  • Smooth Beat.sty
  • Mooth MedSwing.sty

Have fun!



Here is a nice demo of this wonderfull arranger, below you can find the donwload link



5 Replies to “Yamaha PSR S950 Free Styles Download

    1. Hello Ross,
      you have to download the zip archive with your desired styles and unpack them on your PC, then you have to copy the styles in a USB stick and plug the stick into your keyboard, then follow this brief video that explains how to locate the styles in your USB drive :

      Have fun!

  1. Hi can some one help my what and how can I download style in to yamaha tyros 1 and what format it take I still not understand it thank u

    1. Hi Michael,
      Just download a style package (your Tyros 1 should load without problem any Tyros style & PSR styles), unzip it and copy the styles into an USB pendrive, then plug the pendrive into your keyboard an use the keyboard to load the styles.

      Have a look here for a video.

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