Roland Styles from Roland Brasil FREE

Roland Styles

Roland Styles from Roland Brasil

Roland Styles

Roland Styles


Here are many interesting mega styles pack available for free from the Roland Brasil site, you can download several mega packs for the BK series, Prelude and GW-8 as well as some packs for old glories like E, EXR, GW-7 and G-70 series.

Below you will find the direct links to these mega pack pages where you can also listen to some demos to have an idea of the quality: they seems very interesting.

BK Series


E-50 Styles Pack

E-60 Styles Pack

E-80 Styles Pack

EXR-5s Styles Pack

EXR-7s Styles Pack

GW-7 Styles Pack

G-70 Styles Pack


Have fun!

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  1. Roland EXR 5 szeretnék mulatós meg minden Jó stílusokat és ami működik is rajta

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