Indonesian and Indian styles for Yamaha PSR : part 8

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Indian styles and Indonesian styles for Yamaha PSR : part 8

Welcome to the 8th appontment with this huge collection of Indian and Indonesian styles for Yamaha PSR Arrangers.

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I’m veru happy to share another collection of PSR styles, mostly Indian and Indonesian styles for PSR keyboards, this package includes the following 25 styles, all of them should be compatible with all the Yamaha arrangers:

  • Hay Shoona
  • Hay Shoonaa 2
  • Honton Pay
  • Hum Hain
  • Ibiza
  • Intiha Ho Gayei
  • Is Pyar Ko
  • Ishq Howa
  • Jab Hum Javan
  • Jab Say Terey
  • Jahan Tare
  • Jahan Tum Pukar
  • Jahan
  • Jain Hind
  • Janum Daikh
  • Jawad
  • Jawani
  • Jhuki
  • Jis Gali Karay
  • Jis Gali Karay 2
  • Jiya Dharuk
  • Jiya
  • Job Koi Baat
  • Jungle
  • Junoon

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