Monocasual Laboratories : Giada v0.13.4 released

Giada, loop machine

Giada Loopmachine v0.13.4 available for download

Some time ago I presented Giada, an interesting loop machine developed by Monocasual Laboratories, if you want to read a detailed description have a look at my previous post.


Monocasual Laboratories has updated Giada to v0.13.4, codename “Gimbal Lock”, for Windows, Linux and OS X.

The release offers an improved MIDI editing experience, especially on the Piano Roll side. The ability to load deprecated MIDI maps files has been removed and the unit test collection expanded.

Detailed change log:

  • Removed support for old ini-based MIDImap files
  • Initial support for channel-based MIDI filtering
  • New Orphaned MIDI events in Piano Roll editor
  • Improve action filtering in Piano Roll editor
  • Lots of code refactoring
  • New test suite for Action Recorder
  • Fix obscure bug when overdubbing actions and a null loop occurs
  • Fix “clear all actions” menu refresh when removing items on Piano Roll

Giada is free and is available for Linux (.deb, 64bit), Mac OS X (64bit) and Windows (64 bit).

The source code is vailable here with detailed instructions on how to compile it on your machine.

Have a look at the dedicated YouTube channel to see this interesting software in action!

Here is a tutorial about recording and looping samples, but the Giada’s YouTube channel is plenty of videos to learn from:



Head here for all available versions.

Head here for the source code.

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