Rock styles and Pop styles for Yamaha Tyros 2!

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Pop styles and Rock styles : 47 free styles for Tyros 2!

Welcome back to another appointment dedicated to the Tyros 2 styles, this time we have pop and rock styles for your workstation.

As just said in this package you can find 47 Pop and Rock styles, including 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Rock and 8 Beat, Synth Pop, Power Rock, Vintage Pop, Unplugged, Easy Pop and many other styles.

These styles are compatible with all PSR Arrangers with 3 intros, 4 Variations and 3 Endings but due to some special voices built into the Tyros 2, these may sounds a little bit different on other PSR keyboards.

If you’d have rhythms that sounds “strange” on other PSR keyboards you can try to remap the sounds to get rid of the only-Tyros available voices, and replace them with what best suits on your keyboard.

What’s included in the package? Here is the list:

  • 2000 Boy Band
  • 6/8 Rock
  • 8 Beat Modern
  • 60’s 8 Beat
  • 60’s Chart Swing
  • 60’s Guitar Pop
  • 60’s Piano Pop
  • 60’s Rising Pop
  • 60’s Underground
  • 60’s Vintage Pop
  • 60’s Vintage Rock
  • 70’s 8 Beat
  • 70’s Rock
  • 70’s Rock Shuffle
  • 80’s 8 Beat
  • 80’s Pop
  • 80’s Pop Rock
  • 80’s Power Rock
  • 80’s Synth Rock
  • 90’s Guitar Pop
  • 90’s Pop Shuffle
  • 90’s Rock Ballad
  • Big Rock Ballad
  • British Pop Swing
  • British Rock Pop
  • Bubblegum Pop
  • Chart Piano Shuffle
  • Classic 8 Beat
  • Classic 16 Beat
  • Contemporary Pop
  • Contemporary Rock
  • Contemporary Rock Ballad
  • Cool 8 Beat
  • Easy Pop
  • Funk Pop Rock
  • Fusion Shuffle
  • Jazz Pop
  • Kool Shuffle
  • Live 8 Beat
  • Orchestral Rock Ballad
  • Pop Shuffle
  • Power Rock
  • Rock Shuffle
  • Standard Rock
  • Unplugged
  • Vintage Guitar Pop
  • West Coast Pop

Let me know if you like them leaving a comment, I will try to do my best to add new styles.

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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!


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