Casio MZ-X500 Rhythms : 18 New styles for FREE

Casio MZ-X500 Rhythms

From now on I’ll publish also some styles (rhythms in Casio’s wolrd) for the Casio MZ-X500 Workstation, I hope that will make MZ-X500 owners happy!

Casio MZ-X500

For this first release you will find a package with 18 rhythms, mostly 6/8 and 8 Beat variations.

I’ve personally converted these styles from Yamaha styles, I’ve revoiced wrong instruments, adjusted volumes, re-mapped wrong notes (especially in some drum tracks), and shifted many bass tracks that where too low. I’ve also adjusted the effects values and the panning to my own personal taste, I hope you will like them.

So here we go! Get this free package for free!



Casio MZ-X500 review On KeyboardMag





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Casio MZ X500 (set 1)


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