Let’s talk about the Yamaha PSR E453

PSR E453

Yamaha PSR E453

There are keyboards on the market we rarely talk about, there are categories of musical instruments that are not discussed at all, in specialized magazines and even in keyboard forums, where superb workstations and precious analog synthesizers prevail.

PSR E453

However, these keyboards sell well for two main reasons: they are very cheap and allow new generations to get closer to music, obviously without having to spend a fortune. Apart from this, the size factor is not to be overlooked, as these types of keyboards are easily transportable.

PSR E453

The Yamaha E453 was presented at the MusikMesse 2016 in Frankfurt, and represents a new entry model proposed by Yamaha. The limitations for such an inexpensive instrument are cheap plastics, monochrome and small screen, and the impossibility to expand the instrument with new sounds.

Despite the limitations, the PSR E453 can still surprise, starting with its lightness.

The PSR E453 comes in the category of portable keyboards and is equipped with two 6W+6W speakers, the bass sounds are good.

As with other keyboards, you can play single voices or overlap two, you can play in split mode (ie by assigning a voice to the right hand and another one to your left hand), and of course you can play one of the many inbuilt rhythms to bring to life your performances.



PSR E453One of the new features for a keyboard at this level is the presence of two knobs that can be freely assigned to various functions for real-time sound control, sounds can be further manipulated using the 10 inbuilt DSP effects and as if it is not enough you can also use the Pattern function to access and play a large amount of loops & beats

There are also the Crossfade and Retrigger functions as well as the arpeggiator to freely improvise exactly as a DJ would do..

The sounds quality is very high, and in addition to the GM and XG standards, the PSR E453 offers high quality sounds derived from Yamaha’s top arranger models: 8 Sweet! and 3 Cool! sounds as well as many other voices like guitars, sax, synths and so on.

Talking about the styles the E453 offers 220 styles with only one intro section, one main section and one ending section, however you can load new styles if they are not enough for your needs.


You should also know that the PSR EW400 is identical to the PSR E453 but with 76 keys instead of 61.



  • 758 high quality voices including Sweet! and Cool! voices, with 48-note polyphony
    The PSR-E453 includes 758 high quality voices, ranging from acoustic to electric instruments, featuring 8 Sweet! voices and 3 Cool! voices which use Yamaha’s advanced sampling technologies to capture the realism and specific characteristics of each sound.
  • 6W + 6W amplifiers with 12 cm Bass Reflexed speakers
  • Assignable real-time control knobs, DSP Effects, and Pitch Bend
  • Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities
    The PSR-E453 features audio transfer through the USB TO HOST terminal*. You can record your performance to your computer or smart device. Connecting to your iOS device adds a new dimension of MIDI control with apps.
    Connect an external audio player to the AUX IN jack and you can play along with your favorite tunes. The built-in, advanced Melody Suppressor lowers the volume of vocals and melody lines of the original recordings, leaving that part open for you to play.
  • USB TO DEVICE terminal
    USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument lets you load and save your settings and songs to a USB flash drive, as well as transfer data from your PC.
  • Pattern function to create your own grooves – 25 patterns
    The Pattern function puts a wealth of powerful loops and beats at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly create dynamically varied music on the fly like a DJ. And, for even more authentic performance, try the Crossfade and Retrigger functions.
  • Arpeggio function
    Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function, which has been improved for smoother playability. Hold Mode and Allocated key-range free your hands, allowing you to improvise over the pattern. The 150 Arpeggio patterns adjust and morph around the notes and chords you play on the keyboard allowing for almost limitless creativity.
  • Music Database
    Get off to a flying start—choose a song and the Music Database automatically selects the best accompaniment and voices for you to start playing immediately.


For detailed information please visiti the Yamaha Product Page








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