Chorg DS-600 : a Korg DS-8 inspired synth

Chorg DS-600

Chorg DS-600 from K Brown available for free!

The Chorg DS-600 is a simplified FM instrument – based on the pretty obscure Korg DS-8, which was built around the voice of the Yamaha FB-01 4-op FM module.

In place of the then-bewildering Ratio Tuning and Modulation Index way of producing waveforms, it had a set of pre-formed FM waves that one could shape ‘up’ from sine – a bit like the way the Casio CZ instruments worked but with FM instead of Phase Distortion.

It also had only two algorithms – a pair of Modulator/Carriers (like DX100 algo 5) and a 4-op stack.


With this Chorg DS-600 VST, the author (K Brown) has pushed it to a more conventional Ratio-tuned FM instrument and expanded it to six operators; also two algos – three 2-op pairs or a 4-op stack (X-Mod) plus one 2-op pair.

K Brown has retained much of DS-8’s more conventional analog synth nomenclature and the Coarse/Fine tuning of the operator pairs (Oscillators). Also a second LFO has been provided.

A much friendlier way to FM, but less limited than DS-8.



Built with Synthmaker, so the actual sound does not match that of the DS-8 – but was inspired by major elements of it’s architecture.

It’s a 32-bit VST, so it will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.


Chorg DS-600
Chorg DS-600 Interface

The link on the website is to a folder that also contains the .osm Synthmaker source ‘schematics’.

No presets are included in the package.



The VST in action

…and the original synth



Download Chorg DS-600


Click here for the full K Brown’s plugins list



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