Tyros 3 World Styles : 50 FREE Styles

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Tyros 3 World Styles!

Hello again for another package for the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation,. this time you can download 50 FREE Tyros 3 World styles for your own performances.

The package includes styles like March, Alpen Land, Fantasy, Hymn, Celtic, French, German, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Mexican and many, many other. The package also includes some styles that make use of the Tyros 3 Mega Voices.#

These styles are designed to run on the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation but they should work fine also on the Tyros 4 and Tyros 5. Recent PSR models should load this styles well however some styles make use of the Tyros Mega Voices so you could need to revoice these styles to adjust and fix missing voices.

Here is the package content (the numbers on the right side state how many variations are included, when you see the world “Mega” it means that the style make use of the Mega Voices).

  • 6/8 March
  • 19 Dias
  • Alpen Land 3/4
  • Alpen Land 4/4
  • Ani Fantasy
  • Banda Polka
  • Banda Vals
  • Bohemian Waltz
  • Brass Band Hymn
  • British Reggae
  • Casatchock
  • Celtic
  • Celtic Air
  • Celtic Dance
  • Celtic Spirits Mega
  • Enka (2)
  • Flamenco
  • Folk Rock
  • French Musette
  • French Waltz
  • German March
  • German Waltz
  • Hawaiian
  • Highland Waltz
  • Hully Gully
  • Irish Dance
  • Irish Hymn (2)
  • Italian Mazurka
  • Italian Polka
  • Italian Tango
  • Italian Waltz
  • Japanese Folk
  • Jig
  • Limbo Rock
  • Mariachi Waltz
  • Mexican Dance
  • New Age
  • Norteno
  • Ober Polka
  • Ober Waltzer
  • Oriental Pop
  • Pop Enka
  • Pop Flamenco
  • Reel
  • Saeidy
  • Scand Waltz
  • Scottish Reel
  • Sirtaki


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Yamama Tyros 3 (World part 1)





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