GDPR Drama & MakeMusic! I need you!

Hello to my all dear followers!

GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) deadline is more and more near and I’m trying to be compliant as much as I can, before the May 25, 2018.

You may have noticed bars and pop-ups asking cookies consent because I’m trying to find the best working solution without stressing too much you.

MakeMusic! is a project I started in my free time, I’ve used AdSense as an income source to pay the hosting bills, and it worked till now.

I’ve tried to be GDPR compliant putting a banner and asking for the user cookies consent explaining that MakeMusic! is not collecting personal data but just aggregated statistics to see what articles are more appreciated by you, however people deny the cookies usage blocking also all AdSense ads and blocking the small income.

So I’ve tried to think to an alternative and I need your opinion about it.

What I though is : if I removed all the advertisements you would be willing to support MakeMusic! through a platform like Patreon (click to learn more)?

With few supporter and some donation we could try to keep alive MakeMusic!

The alternative is to transform MakeMusic! into a private club, but to be honest I don’t like very much this idea basically because all the published stuff is free.

Please let me know in the comments or write me directly at, it’s very important to me to understand your opinion.

That’s all.

8 Replies to “GDPR Drama & MakeMusic! I need you!

  1. Hallo!
    My English is not so good. If I write my name and adress, is that all I have to do
    for this “GDPR”. If not give me an ansewer by mail.

    1. Hi Thord and thank you for your feedback,
      you as a user of MakeMusic!, as the GDPR says, have the right to request to be deleted at anytime from the database but this isn’t the problem for me, I have already setup the site to fulfill this requirement. The problem is for the ad serving: if the user refuse the cookies the ads will not be displayed and in few time I will not be able to cover the site costs, that’s all. I’ve already switched to non-personalized ads so that users aren’t tracked, ip adresses are anonymized and so on…
      Anyway I’ll try to find an alternative solution to keep MakeMusic! alive.

  2. Your site is interesting and informative and in addition I’ve been able to download loads of styles that have significantly enhanced my pleasure on my Yamaha keyboard. I would hate to lose what you provide for us. I do not block the ads that appear on these pages, and I’m also happy to accept the request for cookies. I, like you, do not like the idea of a private club but I am unable to suggest alternatives other than to keep emphasising the importance that ads play in the financial viability of what you do.
    Good luck and kind regards, G.

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback!
      I’ve done my best to be GDPR compliant switching off all analytics and personalized ads and giving users the ability to request deletion of comments if they want.
      Let’s see after May 25 what will happen 🙂

  3. OK pour moi, s’il faut accepter les cookies pour que tu puisses continuer ce super site je les
    Sinon que faut-il faire d’autre ?

    1. Thank you very much! Unfortunatly I do not speak french 🙂
      As said in the previous comment’s reply, this site does not uses tracking cookies so your privacy is safe.
      I’m happy to see all this positive comments 🙂

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