FREE Tyros 3 70’s Styles

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FREE Tyros 3 70’s Styles

Welcome musicians! Today you can download a set of 38 70’s styles for the Yamaha Tyros 3 Workstation.

Here are some examples of what you will find in the package : 70’s Groove, 70’s Schlager, 70’s Pop, 70’s Rock, 70’s Ballad, 70’s Disco, 70’s Funk and many other.

The package may also includes some styles that make use of the Tyros 3 Mega Voices.

These styles are designed to run on the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation but they should work fine also on the Tyros 4 and Tyros 5.

Recent PSR models should be able to load these styles without problems, however some styles could make use of the Tyros Mega Voices and you could need to revoice these styles to adjust and fix missing voices.

Below you there is a list of all styles included in the zip archive (the numbers on the right side state how many variations are included, when you see the world “Mega” it means that the style make use of the Tyros Mega Voices).

  • 70’s 8 Beats
  • 70’s Ballad
  • 70’s Beat
  • 70’s Chart Ballad
  • 70’s Chart Country
  • 70’s Chart Soul
  • 70’s Classic Mega
  • 70’s Cool Ballad
  • 70’s Dance
  • 70’s Disco (5)
  • 70’s Disco Funk (2)
  • 70’s French Hits
  • 70’s Funk
  • 70’s Glam Piano
  • 70’s Groove
  • 70’s Piano Ballad
  • 70’s Pop (2)
  • 70’s Pop Ballad
  • 70’s Pop Duo (2)
  • 70’s R&B Pop Ballad
  • 70’s Radio
  • 70’s Remix (4)
  • 70’s Rock Mega
  • 70’s Schlager (3)
  • 70’s TV Themes

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Please leave a comment and let me know if you like these styles, I will try to do my best to add new ones.

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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!



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2 Replies to “FREE Tyros 3 70’s Styles

  1. 10:50am EDT Wed 4/17/19
    Hi, First may i thank you for all your hard work. Now, can most of these styles be played with my beloved PSR S910 ??
    I would truly appreciate YOUR input on my MAJOR chronic ISSUE: I can not find certain styles for the songs I chose to play w/o having ”dead air” between my songs. I could have prearranged sets on Reggies 1-8. Then my spontaneity is shot to hell. I have a great performance tool w/ the S910 yet, I can’t seem to remember where all those perfect styles for my chosen songs are ‘hiding’ on my 64GB thumb drive. My Dr. calls it old age mixed w/ my “chemo-brain.” I call it embarrassing. Especially w/ my wife offstage whispering–hurry up, hurry-up. I know, I’m tryin’. Please, please share your input w/ me. Many Thanks & Have a Happy Easter. Regards, Don

    1. Hi Don & Thank you for your feedback!
      Unfortunately I cannot help with your “chronic issue” 🙂
      I play live but with a band, so I don’t need an arranger section for the live performances, currently I’m using a Yamaha MOX6 to play live.
      ALso, right now, I don’t have any PSR-line arranger but I remember about the registrations or one-touch-settings.
      Can’t you store the song settings in the ‘registrations’? This way when you prepare the set list you can mark the ‘registration’ to be recalled with the song you need to play. Also in few instants you should be able to recall a setup (including the style, voicing, mixing, etc…) for a given song.
      According to the manual, your keyboard is able to save up to 8 registrations into a single bank and you have unlimited banks (depending on the USB memory stick), so you are plenty of space to save your song setups.
      Before going live you have to prepare something like this:
      01 : Bank 10/Registraion 1
      : Bank 2/Registration 5
      03 and so on…
      With this list you can recall settings in a couple of seconds, even faster if the song settings are in the same bank, it depends on your set list.
      How to use, load & save registrations is explained in the owners manual, page 72.

      I hope to have helped with your problem!
      Have fun!

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