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(http://http://teleinfo.pb.edu.pl/krashan/images/twitter/lua_100.png) (http://http://www.morphos.pl/images/newsy/reggae.png)

LUA 0.5 aggiornamento linguaggio portato dallo sviluppatore @Krashan e aggiornamento "F" per Raggae

dettagli LUA 0.5:
v50.5 (21.06.2011)
- ipc.module: a new module acting as an ARexx gate (sending ARexx commands to
  applications from Lua
- lua.library: moved creation of "_G" and "_VERSION" from base.module to the
  library. Then modules registering global functions can be used without

http://downloads.morphzone.org/download/Lua (http://downloads.morphzone.org/download/Lua)
http://www.lua.org (http://www.lua.org)

dettagli "F" aggiornamento Raggae classes:

multimedia.class 53.1
- Optional logging into the system debuglog.
- Two new functions in API for converting audio frame number to stream time and
  time to frame. Both are 64-bit.
- Fixed bug in MMM_PreSeek(), where bytes were used for stream end checking for
  both byte and frame seeks. Now frame seeks use stream length in frames.

aiff.demuxer 51.8
- Fixed overflow bug for sampling rate above 65.535 kHz.

audiopcm.decoder 51.8
- Uses multimedia.class API for conversions between frame number and time.
- Supports unsigned 16-bit integer PCM formats (big and little endian).

file.stream 52.2
- Fixed bug in MMM_Pull() causing the end of stream to be cut if the buffer has
  been filled partially only.

http.stream 51.14
- POST request support, allowing for sending HTML forms and uploading files.
  Both "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and "multipart/form-data" flavours
  are supported. The class features a POST request builder, which automatically
  composes body of the request from components specified with a taglist.
- Support for ICY response. This allows to connect and fetch audio streams from
  ShoutCast servers.
multiread.buffer 51.7
- Proper error forwarding in MMM_Pull() if returned number of bytes is less than
- Proper error forwarding in MMM_Peek() if returned number of bytes is less than
- Does not allocate buffer in MMM_Peek() if size of pulled data is 0.

rawaudio.filter 51.5
- Added unsigned 16-bit integer PCM formats to the format table.
- Uses shared MediaTimeToAudioFrame() from multimedia.class in MMM_Seek().

http://morphos-files.net/download/Reggae_Update_F (http://morphos-files.net/download/Reggae_Update_F)