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Fuel Cell Portatili.
« il: 14 Maggio 2014, 16:49:07 »
Recentemente mi sto interessando a questo argomento, ovvero fuel cell portatili, metto un link riassuntivo:

Questo passaggio mi ha intrigato molto:

Improvements are being made, and Toshiba unveiled prototype fuel cells for laptops and other applications generating 20 to 100 watts of power. At 100 Wh/l, the units are compact and the specific energy is comparable with a NiCd battery. (I appreciate the honesty of Japanese manufacturers in describing the technology as being in its “infancy.”) Toshiba has given no indication as to when the product could be commercially available.

Insomma grandi produttori di Batterie & Portatili stanno lavorano "sul campo" per produrre computer a fuel cell ^^
Come si vede da questo antichissimo articolo: