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V-Sido, SW per controllare Robot umanoidi.
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]V-Sido is a software developed to allow anyone to easily operate the humanoid robots.

Conventional robot operation software was only little to revive the movement of Gag to the robot in advance. V-Sido, the CG during the screen with the mouse to generate a real-time movement of the body by moving the robot can move is caused by reflections. Moreover, because do not move automatically to compensate for the fall robots need to manually fine-tune the motion is not as traditional. In addition, the operation screen and a fighter cockpit AR as pseudo-3D technology applied to show the user the sensation of taste actually got into the robot. V-Sido, your "two-legged robot" with "giant robot" to evolve
¡Basic Functions

Io ho visto una demo dal vivo dove c'era un Kinetic (il controller della XBOX) collegato al PC ed interfacciato al SW V-Sido, un bambino si muoveva di fronte al Kinetic ed il robot mimava perfettamente ed in tempo reale tutti i movimenti.
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