Update 11th of december - Version 1.5.1 mea culpa

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for 1.5.1:
Fixed the new option in Settings to use a HDD for /ROMS

Added auto-repair(re-downloading) for faulty update packages which can occur when the update fails due to a broken internet connection.

In oder to use an HDD for ROMS you have first to partition the HDD:
Check this:

After this you can run the new option in Settings.
This will move all content from the ROMS folder on your SD-Card to the HDD and it will mount the HDD as /home/odroid/ROMS .. From now on everything you copy to the ROMS folder will be stored on the HDD.


  • I try all the bug fixes hopefully at the next weekend, cause at the moment I'm private very busy, but want thank Pascal for his untiringly action to make the IndieGo better and better! :smiley:
  • The update to the latest version works without a problem during the update process. Now I'm on 1.5.1

    I have insert my hdd already with 800GB Roms and other stuff on it. I try the update to make my hdd as the default, but I think I make a mistake. Now the console doesn't boot anymore and hold at the line:

    Installing knfsd...

    I think I need the whole IndieGo ISO for download...
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    You can try to remove the USB from the dvd drive and check if it boots through.. it could be that the drive is labeled differently based on the order it recognizes it at boot...
    On the other hand if you say your hd was ready already, than I assume it is ntfs?
    Native filesystem would be ext4 like shown in the video. Not sure if ntfs is supported at all by the kernel.. I would believe not since it uses user level drivers which are loaded at a later state during boot.

    The image is in the moment splittet into 31 pieces.. part 001 is broken and I am reuploading it now.
  • Should work now
  • Ok.. if you have a Linux machine, you can edit /etc/fstab on the card and remove the last line about /home/odroid/roms

    This should fix it.
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    Yes, hdd is Ntfs.

    Sorry, but where can I download the image?
    Thanks and a nice evening :)
  • Backer section on www.indiego-gaming.com
  • I have also updated part 30 because it had the wrong crc32..
    Please redownload it if you have trouble while unzipping
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    Downloading at the moment the iso Image again. Now I think about it, how can I access the roms automatic from the hdd? I watch the video about the partition. But I have no blank hdd - on my hdd are 800GB Roms, what are the best step to solve the problem? Are any hints available?

    Is it necessary to write the IOS back to SD with a software? Or can I copy it simple to SD? He shows in Total Commander only 74MB free space?
  • Hi, please download part 6 again because it had also a wrong crc32..

    I have to think about how to add an ntfs formatted HDD..


    ISO is for CD-ROMS/or DVD.

    The archives is 7z and if you uncompress it, it will result in an *.img file. This file can be burned like raspbian on an sd-card.
    On linux /mac you could use "dd" and on windows you can use diskimagewriter32
  • You have to rename the archive parts to "odroid_indieGO_OS_1.4.8.img.7z.006" ... So please remove the numbers and the "_" before the file title.
  • Sorry, i downloaded it 2 times, but if I want unpack it (latest version 7Zip or WinRar), it says error and can't unpack it. Second thing: please make it downloadable with a download manager or only one click :smile:
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    Did you download all 31 parts?
    Did you remove the numbers and the _ before the filenames? As mentioned in the other thread there have been some broaken parts: "6", "30" and "001"
    The unzip app should tell you the broaken part.
    You have to put all 31 parts into the same folder and then open part 001.
  • Ok, try it again, now it works after deletion all the numbers
  • When I try to download all the parts, it says File Not Found, I can only download part 1 and 31.
  • I unpack the image successfully, but can't write the image back with Win32 Disk Imager cause there's not enough space on the sd? I format the sd with REFormatted but he shows only 61GB free. At this time the IndiGo is more a construction zone and less a game machine out of the box :neutral:
  • this is strange since the sd-cards are identically.
    Reformatting isn't necessary because the image should be written in raw mode to the sd. Which means it would overwrite all partitions anyway. I will try it on Windows ... I hate Windows
  • @Arndroid
    Downloading is working here.
    Please use this to format the SD-card:
  • One reason the formatting results in lower size is:
    1) Windows
    2) A sd-card-adapter which isn't the best or made for another type of SD-crontrollers

    The too should fixt it.
    Here is another article about this.
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    Thanks for the hint. I google too and already used SD Formatter with the suggested options, but it doesn't work for me...hmm, try it with three different readers. Maybe it's partitioned?

    Found this tutorial, i try it tomorrow:

  • Hmm.. I am uploading another image (one piece) and I can send you another SD in exchange for the old one. I will add a retour label. Meanwhile I made the add HDD option failsafe so it should boot anyway, even if the HDD partition doesn't match.

    Did you choose the Format size adjustment option in the SDformatter ?
  • Yes, I choose this option. Thanks for the exchange offer :smile:
  • Okidoki, will be send out on Monday
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    I am uploading a slightly smaller image... The strange thing is that OS X says 63GB while your system says 61GB..
    Do the operating systems calculate the size differently? Seems so.
    Whatever I have removed a bit at the end of the image.. I am compressing it again but this time to 1 part.
    This will be uploaded to dropbox and from there placed on my server.. Dropbox has a daily limit of 50GB which is hit when 2 users would download the image.. Also they kill the public folder in March 2017 anyway.
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    another tool which can do raw copies from and to sd-cards on Windows:

    Official website:

    One thing:
    Windows can only show 1 partition on an Flash device.
    The indieGO SD-image has 2 partitions and unallocated space... This could be the reason it doesn't format the whole disk but only the 1 partition and the unallocated space on the card.

    Perhaps HDD-Raw-Copy-Tool can access the device in the whole.

    The new image is ready but i need to upload it now..
    So it will be ready tomorrow evening as download.

    New SD-card will be send tomorrow.
  • Thanks - your support is incredible good! :smiley:

    I download the new iso if it's ready for downloading and give it a new try.

    Have a nice 4th Advent
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    16hours left.. it is jumping between 8-16 hours..

    oh.. Have a nice 4th advent too
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