1.2-Terms and Conditions

edited April 2016 in English
HGui was developed by Fabio Falcucci, all rights reserved.

HGui is provided "as is" and the author (Fabio Falcucci) can not be held liable for any damage or malfunction caused by HGui (the software). Use this software at your own risk and no guarantee of operation is implied by the author.

This software can be used only and exclusively by the person who purchased the license. It is absolutely prohibited to spread the HGui library or support libraries supplied with it and the source code in any form without the author's express written consent.

The software requires Hollywood by Andreas Falkenhahn to be used.

With this software you can create graphical interfaces for your programs. There is no restriction for the redistribution of the applications built using HGui. You can deploy both commercial and freeware applications but the only limit is not to redistribute the source code of HGui library.
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