2.1-To Use HGui

HGui is a library that consists of a single include enabling you to create a GUI to enhance your programs with. This GUI will have the same appearance and the same operation on every target system which you are going to compile to.

To start, it is essential that you need to perform some simple preliminary steps to configure the library and the various paths of the dependencies it needs.

Once you have unpacked the package into the folder of your liking, you must first edit the file +includes.hws to configure the location where the library itself has been positioned.

Then open the file +includes.hws with your favorite editor and all you have to do is change the first constant declared:

Const #INC_PATH = "put_here / the_absolute_path / where_this_file_is /"

All other statements will use this constant to calculate the paths of secondary libraries. Save and close the file.

The next step is to create a new project to test the correct path configuration, then create a new Hollywood script and enter the following code:

@INCLUDE "Path/to/include/+includes.hws"

 WaitEvent ()
Try to run the script and if you do not receive any error means that everything is configured correctly and you'll be ready for the next part of the tutorial.
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