AmiCloud v1.1 released!

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AmiCloud is now leaving beta status : )

A new client is available and we fixed a bug on the server which caused a "null"-file error.

AmiCloud V1.1 is now available in indieGO! Appstore or as direct download from
::: CHANGELOG v1.1 - 28/07/2016
- Finally no more in beta state!
- Now from AmiCloud it is possible to register a new account, buy the client and add credit.
- New Login window with the possibility to register a new account
- If AmiCloud was not purchased the program will offer the possibility to buy it
using voucher codes or to buy it adding credit (using credit codes).
- Added all missing application's icon sizes
- Added WB Icon that will be used when AmiCloud is iconified (for all Amiga and Amiga-like
- More checks to manage a couple of unhandled errors
- Debug log disabled by default

AmiCloud USER-ID is the same as the indieGO!-User-ID.
So if you create one with amicloud, you can use it to logIN to the App Store and the other way around.

The summer deal is still valid ; )
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