EmuLa v2.0 (b35) Out NOW!

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Hi Guys and Gals!

EmuLa v2.0 is finally available for Linux ARM-generic and Linux ARM-Odroid, AROS and Windows versions will follow in a couple of days.
There is no offical news around because I will officially announce this new version when all systems will be available for download, so consider this post an anticipation for all of you :smile:

Many things are changed within EmuLa, some was planned, some was suggested by you, so, first of all, I'd like to thanks all people using this software with a special thanks to the ones that have helped reporting bugs and suggestions!

Let's see what's new in this version:
- FIX : Added a couple of missing NES ROMS.
- FIX : Minor adjustments in the GUI colors, sometimes a GUI style was applied on inappropriate GUI elements.
- NEW : Added a button in the About box for unregistered users to allow them to obtain informations about the premium version and/or to register their license.
- NEW : All games basic informations are now available with EmuLa package to reduce downloads, however using the ReFetch function it is possible to refresh these informations.
- NEW : Possibility to download game-art packs, also an update mode is available from the same interface. This feature is accessible from the TOOL button. (Premium feature).
- FIX : Added missing translation for SuperNES.
- NEW : Increased readibility on the current rom info box.
- NEW : The current rom info box is no more of fixed size, its size is adjusted when its contents changes.
- NEW : Added in the scan progress window the files count to analyze/analyzed.
- NEW : EmuLa now stores game art using a better model to avoid duplicates, for example with hacked roms, this new method saves a lot of storage space. If you are updating from the previous EmuLa version you can convert the old game art using the Refetch function (accessible from the TOOL button) or clearing the old game art and download it again using art-packs or the refetch / scan functions.
- NEW : ROM informations are now cached, this make the scan much faster if you have several version of the same rom.
- FIX : Sometimes, closing Emula in console mode, an error was raised saving the current preferences.
- NEW : In console mode, rom names and descriptions, if longer than the available screen space, will scroll to the left.
- NEW : In console mode page indicators are no more of fixed size, they are resized automatically if they does not fit into the current screen width.
- NEW : When a game is started now EmuLa will show an image with the current controls assignment for the involved emulator. The image will be still visible in EmuLa background even while running your games so that you can peek at it to check controls on the fly while playing. For now this feature cover the keyboard mapping only. On the IndieGo! some keyboard controls are not defined at all, me and Pascal ( @Phoenixkonsole ) are working to build at least a default keyboard mapping.
- FIX : From now on the update process will not overwrite anymore the icon file on Amiga-like systems to avoid to reset the icon position.
- NEW : Now Emula will check host screen resolution before opening its main window and if it is bigger than the screen size Emula will try to reduce its size to fit to the screen. Low screen resolution should be supported now . There could be readibility problems for very small screens.
Finally, my english is terrible, I know... sorry... :cry:

- Open you current build and hit the UPDATE button, a new version will be downloaded and installed, be patient :smile:

:star: Download one of the following archive:
- Linux ARM Generic (Raspebrry Pi users have to download this archive)
- Linux ARM Odroid (Odroid users have to download this archive)

:star: Unpack the archive where you like
:star: If you have a license file put it in the Emula folder
:star: If you do not have a license file support me buying one!

:star: Open Emula folder and run the executable named "Emula".

I'm aware of the following issues that will be fixed on the next release:
- Sometimes, when an Emula window is opened it go in the background by itself, sometimes it is hidden by the main Emula window...
- When downloaded art packages are uncompressed there is no status window that shows the progress, please be patient, at the end of the process Emula will show you a message saying that the operation has been completed.
- To show the key mapping Emula needs to parse the mednafen configuration file that is HUGE! This could lead to some seconds of delay before your game is started, if you cannot live with it let me know and I will make this feature switchable in the preferences.

- The next big thing will be to add support for Amiga systems in all its flavours.

I have a list of cool features growing day by day but I will add them only when I'm sure that there are no bugs in the current version. You can help me in two ways:
- Feedback : I need feedback, please report your thoughts, if you find things difficult, if Emula crashes, if you like Emula or if you dislike it and why. I will listen to your voice :smile:
- Spread the world : If you like Emula please talk with your friends about it, let your friends try the free version and If they are reluctant to subscribe and are interested to try the full version, well, I'm a very friendly person, and I can provide a 2 week subscription license for free.

Feel free to ask me anything about Emula!

...and thank you to have the time to read all this very long post :wink:


  • Hi,

    Everything seems to start with a long waiting time in EmuLA, like 15 secs at least after I click the name of the game (this happens on the IndieGO console - 1.8.7). Is this normal or can I do anything about it? Also, there are 13 possible downloads displayed at the SEGA Megadrive category, but when I click on them, it says that I need to activate premium features. I entered my code received from Pascal there, but nothing really happened. Is there an extra premium version with more features? Thanks for your help in advance.
  • Hi @happymondays and thank you for using EmuLa and for having the time to report your feedback!

    About the 15 secs wait, no it's not normal, you should have the rom's informations box updated without noticeble wait.

    Also there are no premium-premium versions, if you have received and registered your serial you should be ok, however my server has been attacked and messed up, I need to rebuild it and with very high probability, it is the cause of your missing-premium-notice.

    Please wait until I have rebuilt my server, I will also release a new EmuLa version that is ready on my hard-disk but I've paused the release because of the server's problem.

    Can you tell me, roughtly, how many roms are in your collection? I'll check it is a performance problem or something else, and report back here.

    Also can you tell me when you have registered your serial? So I can check if it was prior the server "disaster",

    Have a nice day :smile:
  • Thank you for your reply. I have hundreds fo games in my SEGA MD and SNES collection, but only about 15-20 for NES, although the problem is the same. The description and screenshots etc. are displayed fine, but when I click on the game to launch it, I have to wait for a long time to start. Let's hope the new version will resolve this. I registered this version with the number received almost a year ago when my IndieGO was shipped a couple of days ago. BTW, your launcher is nice and easy to use. Keep up the good work.
  • Hi @happymondays ,
    with your latest comment I have understood better your problem.
    The wait time is because, when you run a game, EmuLa shows a screen with the keyboard controls for the involved emulator and wait some seconds so that you can look at that screen.
    If you don't want to wait just hit a key on your keyboard or click with the mouse key anywhere on EmuLa's window and the game will be started immediatly.
    In a future version an option to switch on/off this feature will be added on the preferences screen.

    Thank you for the nice comment about EmuLa! :smile:
    If you need further assistence just ask!
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