Another  HGui status report:

New functions

  • HGui.gadgetSetCache() allow to switch the gadget cache system on or off.
  • HGui.gadgetSetTextCache() allow to switch the cText cache system on or off.


Text Gadget

  • Fixed the following wrong behaviour:
    The cursor does not go over the last character.



  • Started the documentation project


Keyboard Handler

  • Added gadget shortcuts, now it’s possible to assign to a gadget a qualifier key shortcut, when the key is pressed the following actions will be raised:
    — MouseOver event,
    — MouseDown event
    when the key is released the following will happen:
    — MouseUp event
    — MouseOut event
    Since some systems generate codes that cannot be detected using qualifiers I’ve added the ability to specify an alternative character.
    Here is an example to explain better what I mean: suppose you want to assign the combo CONTROL + z to
    a gadget, the natural way to do it, is to define it during the gadget creation:
    shortcut = { Qualifier = "LCONTROL", Key = "z" }

    In some circumstances this won’t work because with the combo CTRL+z the host system generate the character code 26 and that will never be detected by HGui, to avoid this I’ve implemented an additional field so you can do the following:

    shortcut = { Qualifier = "LCONTROL", Key = "z", AltCode = Chr(26) }

    Now the keypress will be detected in both situations.

  • The implementation described above about keypress detection has been applied also to the window’s hotkey detection that now fully supports these keyboard events.



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