Hello all!
As the title says I’ve worked mainly on the Slider, Canvas, ListView classes and I’ve removed some bugs, here are the details in this  HGui status report.

Developing using HGui help me to discover bugs and add improvements and new features, and lately, working on a new application called VAN Player (a tool to play vector graphics animations), I’ve found some missing features.

The first HGui change is a new method to the ListView class, instead of access directly the object data now it is possible to retrieve the ListView items list, along with their state (selected) with the method :Get(). Now it’s really quick to access the ListView data that can be edited on the fly.

While I was trying to implement a cursor (using the Slider class) representing the current animation position I’ve added support to the :Set() method of the Slider class for the following data:

  • Outer_box
    The box that surrounds the slider
  • Cursor
    Well… ehm… the slider’s cursor
  • Range
    The slider range
  • Modified the event <OnChange> to <Actions.OnChange> for coherency with all the other classes that supports this event.

During the VAN Player development I thought it would be nice to have a Canvas class where to render the animation frames. So I added it to the HGui library, this class represent a free multilayered drawing area!
Actually supported methods are:

  • :addLayer(layerArgs)
    Adds a new layer to the canvas with the given attributes
  • :removeLayer(layerID)
    Remove the specified layer from the canvas
  • :getLayers()
    Retrieve the canvas layers
  • :beginDraw(layerId, drawMode)
    Initialize the spcified layer so that all subsequent drawings will be redirected to the specified layer
  • :endDraw()
    Restore the standard draw mode so that all drawings will act normally
  • :refresh()
    Force a refresh of the canvas contents.

Additionally this class have support for the <Actions.OnMove> event.

To close this report I’ve fixed a bug in the <Area> management subsystem, this bug was causing that every HGui window receiving a refresh was moved to the front.

Ok, that’s all for now, soon I will say something more about the VAN Player and it’s format so stay tuned 🙂
But if you are really curious you can head your browser here (a thread on AROS-Exec) and read something about it in the meanwhile.


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