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APPBuilder is a tool that will increase your Hollywood multimedia language productivity, with APPBuilder you can compile and pack your project with a single click without bothering with long shell commands..

The nice thing of this application is that you can choice for which target platforms you wish to build your sources and what Hollywood plugins your application uses, doing so APPBuilder will manage for you all the boring things like copying the correct plugin version in the correct target platform folder.

But that’s not all because APPBuilder can manage for you your application resources, just tell APPBuilder which resources must be included with your application and it will copy all of them in the right folders, including MacOSX application boundles!

APPBuilder can also manage external data: with external data I mean data that must be included with your distribution but that is not essential and should be placed outside the main application folder. Think about a “readme” file, or documentation files. Setting these files as external APPBuilder will copy them inside the build folder but outside the application folder, this is especially useful for MacOSX applications because external files will be placed outside the application boundle and so will be easy accessible by the final users.

One more thing that APPBuilder can do is to create for you a zipped archive ready to be distributed, it uses 7zip so you must have it on your system to use this feature or, at least, you should have a similar program that uses the same command line arguments of 7zip.


Main interface
Main interface

APPBuilder has been developed because of my personal needs: compiling for all platform (when possible) supported by Hollywood it’s not easy, especially when come the time to compile the application and build the distribution packages. You have to make attention to copy the right data in the right folders for each target platform, and for each target you have to provide the right plugins if your application makes use of them.
Yes, you could wirte a build script, but if you have many projects like me, writing scripts for each projects is something I personally hate  🙂

APPBuilder resolves almost all these kind of problems, you define a project source code, which plugins uses, for which targets you want to compile for, application resources and external data, save this project and you are done!

When you change your source code and want to build again just open APPBuilder, load the previously saved project and hit the BUILD button: isn’t it simple and time saving enough?

APPBuilder is available only in english at this time and it has been tested under Windows 7, please try it on your system before buying.


APPBuilder documentation is available here.


APPBuilder is distributed as shareware, downloading one of the available package you will get the full version that from time to time will remember you to register the software if you like it and it’s useful for you: there are no other restrictions so you can have the time to test it.

If you decide to register your copy you have two options listed below, the price for a key usable on ALL released versions is 7.99 Euro.

Before buying please download and try the software and check that is working as expected.

  • Use the IndieGO! AppStore and buy an activation key, download it and copy the downloaded key to you APPBuilder folder and you are done. Remember to rename (eventually) the downloaded file with “key” name.
  • Use PayPal to pay for the key using this button 
    , the key generation is handled manually so please allow me 24 hours to take care of your request.

Once you have received your activation key just put it in the same folder where the APPBuilder executable is and you are done, the received key can be used with any version downloadable on this site or on the IndieGO! AppStore but it is valid only for one person, this means that it should be used only by one person at a time.



Here are all available versions  (zip archives) :



You can send me your feedback using the following form:



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