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I was a bit silent in the last two weeks but just because I’ve been very busy! So here are the latest news about my recent activities.



Rencently I’ve used HGui for my own purposes using it for my latest software aimed to simplify Hollywood programmers life with APPBuilder but since I’m working also on a new version of EMULA (see below for details) I’ve added a new tag for the Image class that allow programmers to change the image source at runtime using the :set() method. This was needed to update the back cover and front cover art for all recognized roms in the EMULA library.


First of all what is EMULA.

EMULA stands for EMUlation LAuncher and my main purpose is to build a simple yet powerfull way to manage game roms and emulators. I’ve previously attempted to make this software, there is a video on YouTube that shows the previous version, but I’ve decided to restart the project from scratch because of too much changes in the core idea, so actually here are the main goal of this software:

  • ROMs recognized automatically by file extension, crc and sfile size.
  • Compressed archive managed transparently by EMULA
  • Needed emulators are downloaded and configured automatically by EMULA
  • Now EMULA uses TheGamesDB.net to download game’s informations and game art
  • EMULA will be available for all systems supported by Hollywood, including Raspberry Pi 2, but also for Windows, Linux (PPC, i386, Arm), MacOS (PPC and Intel), AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS and WarpOS.

I’m actually working on the interface (using HGui) and if things will go as expected I’m planning to release a beta version very soon.


I’ve got the opportunity to publish two songs of mine using CDBaby allowing me to publish my content on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and many other service like these.

If you like my music please share! You can find my tracks also in the Music section of this site where you will be able to listen to my music, download and watch some videos I made.

If you really like my music you can also buy my tracks and make me happy even more!

And that’s all for this update!

Stay tuned 😉



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