GLGalore, an OpenGL plugin for Hollywood

Today I want to talk about GLGalore, an OpenGL plugin for Hollywood.

In date 07 June 2015, the mighty Andreas Falkenhahn has released GLGalore, a plugin that has filled an relevant gap in Hollywood. This plugin gives Hollywood two very important features: hardware accelerated graphics and 3d support using OpenGL, the well know 3d graphics library present on almost all systems.

The plugin cames with many examples that demonstrated how to setup your OpenGL displays and how to use this library to develop your 3d applications but also how to improved 2d graphic performances using GLGalore.

There is also an extensive help that documents all supported OpenGL commands.

This plugin is based on LuaGL and it’s quiet easy to use if you have some background with this 3d interface.

That’s great!
Follow this link to have detailed description of the plugin.

Thank you Andreas for your hard work!


Here are some screenshots of GLGalore in action:


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