HGui, December status report, still much things to do

HGui is a huge task to complete and while I’m working on some other projects (like Emula, AmiCloud, AppStore, Starter and many more) that are using HGui, things to add comes out as long as bugs that need to be fixed, so here is a status report about what I’ve done since the last June update.


ListView gadget

One thing that was missing was the ability to hide columns, now this is possible setting the ColumnSize value to 0.


All gadgets

There was a little problem using the debug output with the :free() method that was cousing a bad output formatting. Fixed.


CText objects

These objects are used to handle and render the text inside gadgets but there was a wrong behaviour when using the :set() method, infact each time the :set() method were used the target window was activated. Fixed now.


Floting Tips

Under certian circumstances the floting tip was showed in wrong positions because of a wrong formula. Fixed.


Window’s move event

Window’s move event now returns also the previous window’s position in previousX and previousY fields. This is useful to track delta move and to check if really a move event has moved the window.


Virtual gadget

There were two flags used to hide the scrollbars (VScrollerOFF and HScrollerOFF) that was not working very well, now they works as expected.

I’ve added two more flags (VAutoSense and HAutoSense) to make the Virtual gadget sinchronize its VirtualSize with the real gadget size, vertically or horizontally. This is really useful to make contained gadgets be always visible vertically or horizontally. Think about a label that must show some text, you could put the label inside a virtual gadget and setting HAutoSense=TRUE you could make it (and its contents) always visible horizontally while you could still scroll the contents down using the Virtual gadget’s vertical scroll bar.

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