Here is a brief summary about my latest works on EmuLa: many things happened!

First of all the closed beta has started, actually I’ve found 6 beta tester, but I would like to have 4 more people interested in EmuLa and in helping me to find out bugs while I’m developing new features, if you are interested please drop me a line, a comment or head to the support forum and leave me a message!
At the end of the beta every beta tester will receive a life-time subscription to EmuLa, with free updates, free additional contents and many interesting features. At this time only Windows and AROS-i386 builds are available.

I don’t want to be boring listing all fixes and code changes happened lately (if you are curious just click here), instead I will talk about most relevant features 🙂

cMode: what is it?

cMode stands for “Console Mode”, it features a full screen interface easy to understand and simple enough for everyone, it can be browsed using the mouse, the keyboard or the joystick/joypad, below there is a sample screenshot:


Another nice thing is that this interface is completely skinnable and if you have a slow system, or you don’t want to see fancy transitions, you can switch off completely the skin system and browse your collection with the stock (and fast) theme.

You can switch to the cMode from the GUI and switch back to the GUI from the cMode, you can also start EmuLa in cMode using the command line switch “-cmode 1”.

Beside the cMode the code has been optimized to speed up things, especially with the images that now are cached to give more speed.

There are two places where loading & scaling pics was time critical : the cMode and the downloadable content section. Now all is very reactive and fast, the downloadable content screenshots are fetched only once and cached.


Talking about database and current roms support status here is what EmuLa recognizes:

  • Gameboy : 4159 roms
  • Gameboy Color : 3966 roms
  • Gameboy Advance : 641 roms
  • NES : 7646 roms

Recognized roms include homebrew, demos, public domain, hacked versions and pirated versions.


Downloadable contents at this time are:

  • Gameboy : 25 demos
  • Gameboy Color : 39 demos




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