Here is another update of EmuLa, my personal vision of the ideal universal emulator front-end, if you don’t know what EmuLa is an why it is so special (at least for me) have a look at the project description 🙂

Recently I’ve added 2917 Genesis/Mega Drive roms and the Windows build is able to launch these roms, I’ve to add support for AROS and after that I will focus on porting EmuLa on the mighty Raspberry Pi along with Linux PPC and Linux x386!

Here is a screenshot of the current state:
EmuLa the Emulator Launcher


There are lots of plans for this project, one of the core feature still missing is a global configuration for the keyboard and the joystick/joypad, once it will be implemented the player will have the ability to configure its input device only once and EmuLa will take care of the installed emulator’s configuration files. This concept have been already applied to the fullscreen options.

Another thing I’d like to add is the hiscore submissions to build worldwide charts.

I’d also like to add save states sharing an many other things I’ve on my todo list 🙂

Stay tuned and share this post if you like the project! Feel free to ask details or suggestions!

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