I’m glad to announce that the first public release of EmuLa is available for AROS i386.

EmuLa features an unique approach to roms recognition based on the file crc: this method allows EmuLa to be extremely precise in rom recognition and the user is never asked to resolve ambiguities.

The application interface interface and operating mode is very simple and fast.

The philosophy behind EmuLa is to allow the player to spend his time on playing instead of spending time on cryptic configuration screens.

EmuLa does not need any configuration, all you have to do to play your retro games is:
– scan your media for roms
– click on a platform to populate the roms list
– hit the play button
…and that’s all!

If EmuLa needs to download an emulator it will do it by itself and the rom will be started immediatly afterwards.

You can use this software in its basic mode that is completely free or you can buy a subscription to access all the advanced features.

For a limited time the lifetime license will be sold at half price so if you like what this application can do for you and if you want to support me please buy a subscription!

For more details, subscription plans, features, downloads and supported platforms please visit the official page.

Please note that this is just the starting point : more retro-platforms will be supported, more features will be implemented, and more retrogaming fun will be delivered 🙂

EmuLa - Tools & Reporting
Tools & Reporting


EmuLa - Console Mode
Console Mode



Official page
Support forum


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