EmuLa status report

The big news is that finally I’ve released EmuLa for Windows!
You can download it right now from here.

Recently I’ve added 90 roms to the Genesis romset and I’ve also added 22 downloadable contents (for Genesis) from the demo scene, downloadable contents is available for subscribers.

Window version screenshot

Next Steps

Soon, very soon I will release the Linux Arm build (Raspberry Pi!!), I’m testing the development build right now on my Pi2 and seems to work just fine! So stay tuned because it is a matter of days for the release time!!

If you like EmuLa please support me buying a subscription, the time limited offer for the lifetime subscription is still valid (only 15.00€), this will help me a lot and I will be able to dedicate more time to this project and to buy a more powerful cloud server!


To buy a subscription key please go here.


I also want to thank all people that have bought the lifetime subscription! Thank you guys and gals! 32x32

For a detailed description of what EmuLa is have a look at the official page 🙂

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