GEMZ v2.1 has been released!




Lately I’ve worked to a new GEMZ version because it has been included in the IndieGO! Console project, so I thought to build a new version, fix some old bugs and try to make GEMZ smoother and nicer.

The result, at least for me, is good 🙂
GEMZ is a little faster and nicer, it has also been prepared for the next big upgrade that will make this game even more better!

Language selection : Italian, German, Japanese, French, English and Sweden available.

One of the first things that you will notice is that, to reduce the distribution package size, I’ve removed the music data that now is downloaded at the first GEMZ run.

There are many visible improvements too, for example the game uses some nice animations and there are no more black backgrounds in the game.

I’ve also exposed several text files for advanced users to tune the game as they wish!

GEMZ costs only 4.99€ and a demo version with a limited playtime of 5 minutes is available at the GEMZ page, go there for more details, how to play and all downloadable versions. Please buy the full version to help me to continue the development of this game.



The Pause screen

GEMZ is available for:
Windows, Linux i386, Linux PPC, Linux ARM (Odroid, Raspberry), MacOSX Intel, MacOSX PPC, AmigaOS3/RTG, AmigaOS3+FPU/RTG, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, WarpOS and AROS.







 v2.0 -> v2.1

  • To reduce the game package size the music data has been removed, it will be downloaded at the first run.
  • Fixed a small bug that was leaving the Pause sprite active after exiting from the pause screen.

v1.1 -> v2.0

  • Game version information was added to the language selection screen
  • Changed the way the bonus time is added to the player score
  • Reduced game size because of many backgraound changed from png to jpg format
  • The top bar informations are rendered using a bitmap font instead of standard
    font to achieve more speed and a better appearence
  • During a game, in the pause mode, the quit button states that quitting the game
    the current score will be saved to the hiscores (if qualified for the hiscore).
  • Many game backgrounds has been changed to achieve a better experience and a
    better apperance.
  • Memory optimization freeing unneded resources.
  • Almost all transitions has been changed to have more animation choices.
  • Exposed many parameters in external text file to customize and hack the game.
  • Added a particle system to the mouse click in the main menu
  • Fixed a wrong behaviour in the collision routines between the mouse pointer and
    the menu items.
  • Changed how the game matrix is rendered at the level start
  • Fixed some graphics glitches
  • Using the configuration files the player is able to change variuos settings
    including music volume and fullscreen/windowed mode.
  • The game has been prepared to the next version which will include tons of new

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