I’m on Patreon!

As the title says I’m on Patreon, I’ve decided to publish all my Hollywood libraries for free but the big task is to write the documentation so I’ve found Patreon a possible help to raise some funds to finance the huge amount of time needed to write the documentation, the examples and the tutorials.

If you think that my work could be useful for you, support me!

The plan is to publish all my works and for this purpose I’ve also opened a wiki to gather all the documentation, check it out here 🙂

At this stage I’ve published/updated and documented the following libraries:

  • ANSI
  • Easing
  • Helpers
  • Tables

I’m still working on HGui, I’ve added support for special tags in the text rendering engine and I’ve fixed some bugs, especially the ones that was cousing unnecessary redraws causing an annoying flickering effect.

I’ve improved the Label class adding the following methods:

  • :ScrollTop()
  • :ScrollBottom()
  • :ScrollUp()
  • :ScrollDown()
  • :ScrollTo()
  • :AppendLine()

As soon as the libraries from which HGui depends will be published HGui will be out for all Hollywood developers!

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