HFinder update, v2.1 for Windows released

Hi all, I’m updating the HFinder program, a software with a very simple interface to locate files on your media, if you want more details about the application please have a look here.

From now on the application will be distributed using an updater that will download all the necessary files for your system automatically, this allows faster updates and smaller distribution packages.

Right now I’ve released the Windows version but in the next days I will replace all the old build with this new one, remember that after you have unpacked the archive you have to run the updater program to download all the files needed by HFinder for your system.

Feel free to contact me to report bugs or suggestions and if you find this program useful consider a small donation, you know, programmers needs coffe!

I’ve also a Patreon account here just in case you’d like to support me 🙂

HFinder : Main window

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