Progress Report : AmiCloud, GLFX & Hasteroids

It’s been a while since I’ve published an update, so today I’d like to share my latest progresses and what happened recently.


Hasteroids, AmiCloud, GLFX

A great amount of time has been taken by this project, it’s a commercial project (owned by Pascal Papara) with the main goal to offer an alternative to Dropbox, the main difference is that AmiCloud can run on Amiga systems and Amiga-like systems too. If you want to read more click here.

I’ve faced an incredible amount of problems developing the MacOS X version, fighting every day with the Gatekeeper and how Apple have decided to deal with security. Anyway this problem is now resolved and we are currently testing the RC, some bugs has been reported, some of them has been already fixed and I hope to release this v2.0 version very soon.

It was a great challange for me the AmiCloud client development, and this release has been the hardest ever, talking from my programmer view.

The biggest new feature of the upcoming version is the ability to sync nested folders and the ability to keep several profiles, each one with its own preferences and synchronized folders.

If you wish to partecipate in the beta there is a dedicated thread on Amigaworld forums.


GLFX & Hasteroids

First of all I’d like to thanks Enrique who’s helped me a lot finding what was wrong with GLFX & Hasteroids on Amiga and Amiga-like systems, he is helping me with MorphOS and thanks to his patience I’ve finally discovered the problem.

Hasteroids is a game I’m developing to the my GLFX library (here are some details and a video), unfortunatly running it on MorphOS only garbage, instead of the current graphics, was showed on the screen. The strange thing was that the demos that comes with GLGalore (the OpenGL interface I’m using to develop GLFX library) was running fine.

So, try after try, I’ve found that the OpenGL implementation on Amiga & Amiga-like systems does not support textures with any size but only power of 2 size are accepted and rendered correctly.

I’ve started to modify my library to resolve the problem and Enrique has confirmed that now Hasteroids is showing signs of life (not garbage graphics anymore) on his MorphOS machine.

I’ve had also to deal with my job… but I don’t want to tire you out with my boring things 🙂

A big THANK YOU to all people supporting/following my projects!


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