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AMC is the ultimate Media Center application for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, AROS, AmigaOS(tm) and MorphOS, with this tool you will be able to navigate and organize all your media: musics, videos and pictures will be at your fingers tips.

With AMC it’s easy to manage your picture albums, it’s easy to manage your videos and it’s easy to manage all your songs. The controls are optimized for remote controllers but you can easily change the key bindings. AMC integrates searching functions and removable mass-storage device auto detection, it’s easy to browse your USB drives and copy its contents in your computer.

004With AMC you have full control over the database where all your media informations are stored, you can change every single field of any media detected so you can organize freely your media using your own personal taste. In the database section you can handle in few steps your favorites and your playlists. You can even download information from TMDb (The Movie Database) to integrate missing informations in your video database.

AMC is fully skinnable, this means that every single graphic element can be changed, the user interface is organized in frames and each frame can be skinned the way you like, advanced users can even mix themes!

AMC integrate a powerfull PlugIn system that allow PlugIn developers to expand, patch and add new features to the program, there are no limits to expandibility!

The AMC project is fast evolving and new PlugIns will comes soon, we are plenty of ideas for new stunning PlugIns!

Demonstration versions are available in this page and can be activated easily after you have purchased an activation code from

Documentation is available also in this page, you can get the full Official AMC Guide or the QuickGuide kindly provided by Pascal Papara.


AMC has been written with three purposes in mind:

  1. Simplicity (for the final user)
  2. Portability
  3. Expandibility

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AMC has been coded entirely with Hollywood 4.7, from Airsoft Softwair. This is a wonderfull multimedia-oriented language, stable, features rich and always evolving with new features. It supports many platforms like AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, AROS, MorphOS, WarpOS, MacOS (x86 and PPC) and Windows.

AMC uses MPlayer for audio & video playback, basically it is an evolved front-end for MPlayer. For Audio CD reproduction AMC uses the utility PlayCDDA from Fredrik Wikstrom.

Themes can be done by anyone with skills in skinning/themeing, the configuration files are plain text files simple to edit and understand.






DOWNLOADS (v 1.22)

Here are all available downloads of the AMC demo version, these versions lack the following features:

  • Audio CD track’s title editing
  • Funny Slider
  • Slideshow
  • Scheduler (WebTV Recorder)
  • PlugIn System
  • Search by keyword
  • Preferences saving
  • Database’s records editing
  • Single drawer scanning
  • Full screen playback
  • Random WebTV
  • Random WebRadio
  • Auto Patching feature
AROS i386 (7zip archive on MEGA) Amiga OS4 PPC (LHA Archive on MEGA) AMC Quick Guide (PDF Provided by Pascal Papara) AMC Official User Guide (PDF)



You can buy A.M.C. clicking here or sending me an e-mail with your request, after the purchase you will receive shortly an e-mail with the key to unlock all available features and detailed instructions to activate the software.

A.M.C. is cheap, actually you can have it for 29.95Euro!
A.M.C. is available only as digital download.


The reason is simple, I’m an indie developer who loves to make games and music but this love is not enough to pay bills, with just a little help from you I could continue this passion and we will be both happy!
A.M.C. is really cheap, just only 29.95 Euro for a complete and evolving system!
Please contact me if you are interested in more than one version, I will make you a special price 🙂


A new brand new version is under development! Stay tuned!


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