30 FREE S970 Dance Styles : part 7

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30 FREE S970 Styles ready for download : Dance time! Part 7

Hi! Welcome to MakeMusic! Today you can download 30 FREE S970 Styles (Dance) for your arranger!

In this package you will find Disco, Reggae, Ska, Electro, Disco, Trance, House, Garage, Hip Hop,  Euro and many more styles!.

These styles are specifically designed for the PSR S970 but should be compatible with all PSR Arrangers that supports SFF2 (Tyros 3/4/5, PSR S9x0, PSR S7x0, PSR S6x0, PSR A3/2000, CVP 7/6/5xx).

If you want to convert these styles for older formats you can have a look here where you can find some utilities and a detailed explanation about compatibility between each Yamaha models.

See below for the full package content (the number on the right indicate how many style variations are included):

  • Disco Reggae
  • Disco Rock
  • Disco Ska
  • Dollar Beat
  • Dyskoteka (2)
  • Electro R&B
  • Electro Club
  • Euphoria
  • Euro Hip Hop
  • Euro Power Disco
  • Floh Disco
  • French 6/8 Electro
  • Funk Melody
  • Garage
  • Girls Dance
  • Greek Euro
  • Hip Hop Groove (2)
  • Hit Trance (2)
  • House
  • Ibiza 2000
  • Italo Dance
  • Mafia House
  • Neutrino
  • Poker Beat
  • Pop Dance
  • Pop R&B
  • Pop Trance

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Let me know if you like these styles leaving a comment, I will try to do my best to add new ones.

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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!



If you want to know more about the Yamaha PSR S970 click here to reach the dedicated Yamaha page.



Download PSR S970 Dance Styles (set 7)



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3 Replies to “30 FREE S970 Dance Styles : part 7

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making these styles AND articles available. I just turned 67 a week ago & I consider myself blessed to even be hare after my battle w/ throat cancer ’15 & 2016. I was a thriving SOLO ACT playing my PSR-S910 Yamaha midi’d thru a Yamaha MU128 and THC-harmonizer that impressed ME as well as my audiences. Now, since chemo & radiation my singing voice has NOT come back so I’ve canceled all my gigs–but I continue to practice & I am really struggling to learn how to make music & orchestrations on a DAW. What to do w/VSTs and all really got me down so my wife bought me an Alesis Vortex ‘keytar.’ I still can not make it work w Ableton lite. Any tips & tricks would be appreciated. Well, thanks again-I’ll open all the files & see what happens on my 910. Another Sat. nite w/ no gig…it kills me. (7:41pm EDT 8-26-17)

    1. Hi! Happy Birthday!
      I’m happy that your are enjoying MakeMusic! contents, I made few original styles here, many of them has been gathered on Internet then thay have been organized, classified and packed in convenient archives for the end user.

      Your Alesis Vortes is a really nice instrument, have you looked at this guide for Ableton configuration?

      Have a nice day and feel free to ask if you have further questions!

      1. 1000 mercis pour tous ces partages mais je voudrais seulement vous demander de nous actionner des packs REGGAE qui nous rendront de grands services car , personnellement j’ai acheté des packs qui se sont avérés nuls et naze.Tony

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