Chorg 870 DV : Korg 800DV emulation

Chorg 870 DV by K Brown available for free

The Chorg 870 DV is an approximation of the unusual, quirky Korg 800DV, also known as MaxiKorg, which Joe Vannelli and Richard Baker used for powerful effect (due to lots of laborious overdubbing) on brother Gino’s “Storm at Sunup” and “Gist of the Gemini” albums.

The DV suffix stands for ‘Dual Voice‘, due to it’s two complete VCO / VCF / VCA ‘synthlines’, very much like most of Yamaha’s CS-series synths.

Some features/functions have been added or enhanced:

  • Filter modulations are continuously variable, not switched.
  • Envelopes expanded to full ADSR.
  • A number of enhanced envelope controls and triggering.
  • A few features from the Korg 770 incorporated (hence, the name ‘870DV’).
  • Layout of several panel controls put in much more logical order.

.Changes to Version 2

  • Improved Filters and ‘Alternative LPF’ added, with quite different Resonance characteritics.
  • Improved function of ‘Repeat’ section.
  • Envelopes can be triggered by either LFO.
  • Scale Noise level reduced to better match output of oscillators.
  • Improved PWM (‘Chorus’).
  • Added ability to select opposite channel in the Saw Mixers.
  • Added MIDI CC# to Filter selector.

Be sure to save Version 1 to a separate folder if you’ve made presets for it.

Chorg 870 DV, Korg 800DV
Chorg 870 DV Interface

This does NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any Korg or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the 800DV.

Be sure to click on the ‘Notes’ button at the panel’s upper right for more info on the rather unusual controls and functions.

This is a 32-bit plugin, so it will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.

The package includes also the .osm Synthmaker source ‘schematics’, so anyone with Synthmaker or Flowstone can alter it to suit.



The VST in action


…and the real synth



Download Chorg 870 DV


Click here for the full K Brown’s plugins list




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