Korg Pa600 players! Do you need J.M. Jarre styles?

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Do you need J.M. Jarre styles?

I’ve just discovered that dopamine4korg (this is the nickname the set’s author is using on his blog) have released an interesting set of J.M. Jarre styles for the Korg Pa600.

pa600 styles, pa600 Pop, Jarre stylesHe has converted a set originally done by Olavier for the Pa50, now, thanks to dopamine4korg, it’s time to play them on your Korg Pa600.


The package is a collection of 38 styles from the Jean-Michel Jarre hits like Oxygene, Rendez-Vous, Chronology and so on.

Here is the original post from dopamine4korg’s blog:

Olavier did a nice work by adapting Jean-Michel Jarre’s tracks to PA50 styles, many years ago. I tried to contact him without success. It seems he disappeared from the internet leaving many videos behind him, and sad users who hoped for compatibility or improved version.

Here is my small contribution. I converted the styles to PA600 and added or converted STS.

38 styles like Jarre Oxygene, Equinoxe, Rendez-Vous, or Chronology and other composers for Koto, ForeverYoung, Jump, … These styles are difficult to use and quite basic. You need to check Olavier’s videos on YouTube to understand how to use them, or just let your fingers find the inspiration, then adapt them to your own taste.

The videos: Olavier Youtube page

Styles downloading: Olavier-styles-refresh.SET

This is amazing! If you find his work useful don’t forget to thank him on his blog!

Jarre styles


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You can download the set for FREE from the author’s original post  HERE

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