20 Casio MZ-X500 Styles

20 Casio MZ-X500 Styles

Hello all!

Some time has passed since the last published post, I’ve been busy with my job and my new keyboards, I’ve also spent some time thinking about how to raise a bit the support since the donors are rare: I take the opportunity of this post to thank them from my heart for helping me to carry on this project.

So what’s new? Many things has appened, some good and some bad, the worst one is the Corona Virus spreading the world and killing people: please stay home and avoid endangering yourself and others, this is not a joke, people really die.

But this is a place where we should relax with music resources, playing songs or creating new masterpieces with our keyboards, so let’s go to the point: I’ve spent my last weeks to convert some Yamaha styles for the mighty Casio MZ-X500 which I own, it’s a very good instrument but unfortunatly there isn’t much stuff to download about it, so here is the deal to raise some cash to support MakeMusic site:

I offer my style pack of 20 Casio MZ-X500 styles for only 10.00$ or 10.00€, it’s a very tiny price counting how much time I’ve spent to convert them, the MZ-X500 can import Yamaha styles but the job is not straight full, these are the work flow I use to import an Yamaha style into the MZ-X500:

  • Load the Yamaha style into a drive thumb
  • Import them into the MZ-X500, but I need to autition them to adjust the intro and endings measures
  • Adjust the instrument using the mixer screen, I avoid to use instruments using DSP since the MZ-X500 has only 2 DSP available
  • Using the mixer I adjust the effect sends (reverb, chorus, delay)
  • Often drums are wrong because the drum map is different, especially with dance styles, so I need to replace every single wrong note.
  • Sometimes the bass track are too low so I need to  transposte the notes by one octave.

The good news is that the finished style sounds really good! 😀

MZ-X500: Isn’t it nice? 😀

All styles (rhythms in Casio language) have 2 intros, 2 endings and 4 variations.

I’ve recorded the styles so you can audition them before requesting them:

 16 Beat String Ballad

70’s Chart Soul

12/8 Ballad

80’s Boy Band

90’s Cool Ballad

8 Beat Analog

30’s Big Band

60’s Guitar Pop

70’s TV Theme

Acoustic Jazz


80’s Movie Ballad

Blues Shuffle

Broadway Ballad

Cha Cha

Chill Out

Dream Dance

16 Beat Ballad

Big Band Mambo

50’s French

How to receive the styles?

Click the PayPal button and make a 6.00 USD donation and you will get the pack in your mail box, please allow me 24h since I’m handling all of this by hand!
IMPORTANT : I’m not selling styles! The styles included in the archive are free, I’m requesting a small donation to support MakeMusic! and the huge work to convert and adapt them to the MZ-X500.

Feel free to leave comments about the quality!

Thank you all and please, stay at home, whenever possbile, during this difficult times.

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