40 FREE Tyros 3 Rhythm & Blues Styles

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40 FREE Tyros 3 Rhythm & Blues Styles

Hello all! Are you ready for some R&B fun? Here is a set of 40 Rhythm & Blues styles for the mighty Yamaha Tyros 3 Arranger Workstation.

Here are some examples of what you will find in the package : Piano Boogie, Lovely Shuffle, Blues, Slow Blues, Soul, Twist, Rock & Roll, 70’s Scat Legend, Blues Boogie, Boogie Woogie, Cool R&B, Fast Blues, Gospel, Croco Twist, Amazing Gospel and many other.

The package may also includes some styles that make use of the Tyros 3 Mega Voices.

These styles are designed to run on the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation but they should work fine also on the Tyros 4 and Tyros 5.

Recent PSR models should be able to load these styles without problems, however some styles could make use of the Tyros Mega Voices and you could need to revoice these styles to adjust and fix missing voices.

Below you there is a list of all styles included in the zip archive (the numbers on the right side state how many variations are included, when you see the world “Mega” it means that the style make use of the Tyros Mega Voices).

  • 6/8 Soul
  • 60’s Rock & Roll
  • 70’s R&B Groove
  • 70’s Scat Legend
  • Amazing Gospel
  • Blue Boogie
  • Blue Bossa Mega
  • Blueberry Blues
  • Blues Boogie
  • Blues Shuffle
  • Blues
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Combo Boogie
  • Cool R&B
  • Croco Twist
  • Detroit Pop
  • Fast Blues
  • Frankly Soul
  • Funk
  • Gospel Brothers
  • Gospel Sisters
  • Gospel Swing
  • Kool Funk
  • Live Soul Band
  • Lovely Shuffle
  • Modern Shuffle
  • Motor City
  • Piano Boogie
  • Rock & Roll Shuffle
  • Rock & Roll
  • Shuffle Blues
  • Skiffle
  • Slow Blues
  • Slow Blues 2
  • Soul Beat
  • Soul
  • Swingin’ Boogie
  • Twist
  • Worship Fast
  • Worship Power Ballad
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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!


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