Yamaha PSR 3000 : Ballad Styles (part 4)

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Hello dear musicians!

Here are another group of 25 Ballad Styles for the Yamaha PSR 3000 arranger, here is what’s inside the zip file:

  • Easy Listening
  • Elec Org Ballad
  • EP Ballad 1
  • EP Ballad 2
  • Euro Ballad
  • Fab 4 Beat
  • Folk Ballad
  • Folksing 80
  • German Ballad
  • Groove Ballad
  • Guitar Ballad
  • Guitar Serenade
  • Halftime Ballad
  • Home Beat
  • Last Ballad
  • Light Ballad
  • Light Soul
  • Love Ballad
  • Love Song
  • Lovely Ballad
  • Medium 6/4
  • Memory
Yamaha PSR3000, PSR 3000, Yamaha PSR 3000

Please leave a comment if you like these styles and I will do my best to add new ones.

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Have Fun!


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