Ballad styles for the Tyros 2 (part 1)

tyros 2

Another package for the Yamaha Tyros 2 is available: this time you can download 30 ballad styles.

  • 6/8 Acoustic Pop (2)
  • 6/8 Modern (2)
  • 6/8 Modern Ballad
  • 8 Beat Adria (2)
  • 12/8 Ballad (2)
  • 16 Beat (2)
  • 16 Beat Ballad (2)
  • 70’s Chart Ballad (2)
  • 70’s Glam Piano (2)
  • 70’s Piano Ballad
  • 80’s EP Ballad
  • 80’s Movie Ballad
  • 80’s Smooth Ballad
  • 90’s Cool Ballad
  • Chart Ballad
  • Classic Piano Ballad
  • Easy Ballad
  • EP Ballad
  • Epic Ballad
  • Guitar Serenade
  • Piano Orch Ballad
  • Pop New Age

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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!


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