Pa 1000 / Pa4x : Dance Styles (part 1) for Korg arrangers

Korg Pa1000 pa 1000

Hello all! Here is a fresh styles pack featuring 10 dance styles for the amazing Korg pa4x and pa 1000 arranger keyboards.

These styles are working just fine on my Pa1000, I don’t remember where I got them but I know that I spent some time to make them sound properly.

Thanks to the flexibility of these wonderful arranger I’ve edited them without the need of any external tools.

Stay tuned because I want to share all my styles! I’m also working on some new, unreleased song styles, so keep this website bookmarked 🙂

Here are 10 dance styles for your Korg Pa1000 / Pa4x :

  • VHS Dance
  • I Feel Dance
  • Good Old Dance
  • Crazy Dance
  • Pop Guitar Dance
  • Sometimes Dance
  • Breathe Dance
  • Bangra Teck
  • We Are Dance
  • Bailando Dance

DOWNLOAD Pa4x / Pa 1000 styles

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This package is FREE.


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