PSR 3000 : All Published Styles

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  • Create Date March 19, 2019

This package contains all the PSR 3000 styles published on MakeMusic!

Right now there are 828 Styles in the package, all styles published until 2022!!

You need to make a small donation of at least 10$ or 10€ to receive straight in your email the password needed to enable the download button.

Donate now to receive the password to enable the download button, you will receive the password via mail, please allow me 24h to evade your request. Donate at least 10.00$ or 10.00€

IMPORTANT : I’m not selling styles! The styles included in the archive are free and you can download all of them from the download section, I’m requesting a small donation to support MakeMusic! and the huge work behind the scenes.

26 Replies to “PSR 3000 : All Published Styles

  1. Hi! I donated yesterday and am still waiting for the email to arrive .. how long does it usually take? Thank you

    1. Hi Oskar,
      I’ve sent the email with the code yesterday, please have a look in the spam folder and let me know if I have to resend the email!
      Thank you 🙂

      1. Hi Luis,
        to get the password you have to donate some bucks, you will get the pwd via email, just below the download button there is the donate button 🙂

    1. Thank You!
      You will get the password in few minutes, sorry but I was very busy in the last few days 🙂

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