In this page I will list all free resources found in Internet for people who love to make music, I will try to keep this page ordered by resource and keeping it updated, so I suggest to bookmark this page!


The Unofficial YAMAHA Keyboard Resource Site

An incredible resource center dedicated to all Yamaha keyboards, you can find tons of material to download, for fun or to be productive with your beloved keyboards.

Synth Zone

The link points to a sub section of the Synth Zone site, the page offers an ordered list of resource links sorted by keyboard type, it’s really easy to find content for your keyboard because they are alphabetically sorted.



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    1. Hi PSR/Tyros styles should be compatible your DGX660, you may need to revoice some styles that does not sound good, but you can try to load them into your keyboard without problems.

      1. te aseguro que todos los archivos, que muestren la extension sty, son compatible con todos los Yamaha, las siglas sty significa estilo Yamaha, ahora bien los archivos con la extensión por, solo sonaran con los teclados por,pero aclaro hay teclados por que traen 2 variaciones, y hay archivos por que estan editado para 3 o 4 variaciones, no es el caso del Yamaha DGX650,660,630, TODAS SUS EXTENCIONES TRABAJAN CON EL STY, DEBES FIJARTE COMO FUE EDITADA LA EXTENCION DEL ESTILO PARA QUE FUNCIONE EN TU DGX 660.SALUDOS.

    1. Hi Carol,
      your Clavinova should be compatible with the PSR styles, you can try to download some styles from different PSR keyboards and see how they sounds on your keyboard. Sometimes the style may sound strange because it uses some specific voice in a particular keyboard, you can edit the style and remap the “weird” instrument.
      Don’t be afraid to load styles on your keyboard, you cannot cause any damage.

  1. Greetings everyone,
    I had to sell my Motif XF6 last year, but I had purchased several voice libraries /samples of Gospel praise worship sounds. I have a PSR s670 now.
    Can I convert the Motif libraries or where can I find the type of sounds for the PSR? Thanks for any help you can render.

    1. Motif XF and PSR 670 are two different machines with different sound engines, I don’t think you can import any XF stuff into the PSR 670

    1. si estas buscando estilos para Yamaha sx900 estas en la pagina correcta solo tienes que buscar en la pagina, donde estas haciendo tu pregunta y encontraras muchos sty o psr que son los formatos de estilos de cada teclado. saludos.

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