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disponibile aggiornamento 1.1 di Amstrad CPC emulator

Version 1.1 (18/09/2011)
  - added Gate Array's half cycle support
    (synchronisation between Gate Array, CRTC and Z80 is now perfect).
  - fixed sync/display alignement for CRTC 0, 1 & 2
    (it was right only for CRTC 3 & 4).
  - fix in CRTC 1 emulation when registers 12 & 13 were modified while vertical
    adjust was managed (R5).
  - slight improvement in CRTC 0, 2, 3 & 4 emulations (only CRTC 0 & 1 are
    actually activated in the public version).
  - fix an interrupt management issue when a VSync started while a HSync was
    already running.
  - fixes in the english translation (Stefan A. Haubenthal).
  - improvements in the french version.
  - the Graph.mcc class from MorphOS 2.x is now optional (Stefan A. Haubenthal).

disponibile aggiornamento 1.2 di Amstrad CPC emulator

Version 1.2 (29/01/2012)
  - Migration from gcc2 to gcc 4.
  - Double-click support in the main window to toggle full screen mode.
  - Add of a disassembler based on the work of Cristian Dinu (support all opcodes
    including undocumented and custom Amstrad firmware RST).
  - Improved Z80 editor window (view of the code from PC and abstract of the
    stack from SP)
  - Improved memory editor window.
  - New fix in CRTC 1 emulation when registers 12 & 13 are modifed while the
    additional lines (R5) are displayed (phi2x).
  - Fix of border disabling on CRTC 1 when register 6 is reset at a non-zero
    value during the first line of a split-screen (phi2x).
  - Fix VBL activation trigger while the additional lines (R5) are displayed.
  - Improved PSG analyzer, Gate Array analyzer and CRTC editor windows.
  - Add of a new full features disassembler window (easy navigation through the
    code branchments, syntax highlight, breakpoints, ...).
  - Better internals between CRTC and Gate Array modules.
  - Better internal notification system between GUI and emulator.
  - Added an fast toolbar for breakpoints configuration in main window.
  - Disabled menu item not active when breakpoints a not enabled.
  - Added a breakpoint management window.
  - Added an AREXX command to configure advanced breakpoints.
  - Better keyboard management.
  - Added on-the-fly charset conversion between local and CPC code page.
  - Added Spanish and Danish v1.0 firmware ROMs in ACE archive.
  - Fix a bug in PSG register selection (phi2x).


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