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MorphOS / easter eggs MorphOS
« il: 06 Aprile 2012, 14:38:42 »
da Obligement "easter eggs" in MorphOS 2.x ... orphos.php

Periferiche varie / autoloder floppies Amiga backup
« il: 03 Aprile 2012, 21:56:09 »
autoloader di floppies Amiga per archiviazione; arduino, motor controller, KryoFlux viewtopic.php?f=13&t=350 , powershot


informazioni, dettagli progetto ... disks.html

rilasciata da Hugues Nouve, alias @HunoPPC, la nuova versione del game 1941 DX Dual Player 2.0.4 e HunoJoyWrapper Library 1.0.0 (Joystick/Joypad library) per MorphOS/AROS/AmigaOS4.x/OSX/Win/Linux


informazioni e download

interessanti considerazioni da in merito all' esecuzione di applicazioni MorphOS in AROS e svariati elementi correlati a ciò, in merito ad AROS e MorphOS  x86/x64/PowerPC in prospettiva.

Programmi e applicazioni / WinUAE 2.4.0
« il: 30 Marzo 2012, 13:57:13 »
rilasciato WinUAE 2.4.0

WinUAE 2.4.0 released (29.03.2012)

New features:

- VSync supported in fastest possible CPU and JIT modes, complete rewrite, fast, 100% jitter free.
- Built-in CD filesystem. Full Amiga CD compatibility, including audio tracks and Amiga Rock Ridge extension,
  without need for manually installed CDFS, completely replaces old CD option that mounted CD drives as
  read-only harddrives. NOTE: CD device names renamed to standard CDx: (Old was WinCD_x:)
- Commodore A2024 monitor emulation. (1024*1024 grayscale monitor)
- Individual Computers Graffiti emulation.
- PCMCIA IDE hardfile emulation.
- USB game controller low latency raw input mode is now the default. (Mouse and keyboard support was already
  implemented long time ago) Windows Vista and newer only. Custom input mappings may need resetting.
- PC keyboard mode, keys like home, end, pageup, pagedown etc are mapped to Amiga key codes.
- Input configuration qualifier key/button support. Any key or button can be configured as a qualifier
  and other key mappings can be configured to require one or more active qualifiers.


- Programmed screen modes (DBLPAL, Multiscan etc..) display positioning and setup greatly improved.
- Performance improved in fastest possible CPU without JIT mode.
- Performance greatly improved when immediate blitter and fastest possible CPU is enabled and program
  does lots of small blits.
- Gayle IDE emulation IDE doubler mode compatibility improved.
- Sound syncronization updates, much more stable with VSync. (more updates planned in future)
- Fastest possible CPU mode audio glitch prevention hack updated. (WHDLoad IK+, Moonstone, Uridium II, etc..)
- Added pause emulation/disable sound option to active but mouse uncaptured state.
- RTG emulation optional ZorroII mode.
- UAE harddrive controller RDB harddrive "Do not mount" and "Bootable" options supported.
- Interlace mode handling and switching improved.
- Interlaced fields are matched in vsync modes if both Amiga mode and output device mode are interlaced.
- Lots more options can be modified on the fly using uae-configuration.
- Multiple display adapter/multiple monitor selection and support improved.
- GUI sound buffer range adjusted, non-linear scale, more smaller buffer sizes selectable.
- Joystick/mouse autoswitch also enabled in Input panel non-GamePorts mode.
- Native code execution disabled by default. Enable option in Miscellaneous panel.
- CPU Idle automatic limit added, no more slowdowns if it is set too low.
- Keyboard emulation improved, properly emulated handshake and lost sync state.

Bugs fixed:

- uaenet.device crash if opened without installed winpcap.
- Startup crash if more than 8 serial ports detected.
- Random hangs when switching cycle-exact mode on the fly.
- CD image/physical media change on the fly didn't always trigger notification correctly.
- Lots of bsdsocket emulation compatibility and multi-thread stability fixes (YAM hangs fixed)
- Directory filesystem reported file size was not updated until file was closed.
- Directory filesystem host-side memory leak fix.
- Some Advanced Chipset options were not correctly overridden in compatibility mode.
- Mouse input stopping working randomly after returning emulation from GUI.
- Emulated middle mouse button got stuck in rawinput mode if middle button was set to untrap mouse.
- Detect and fix bad configuration options when using uae-configuration, for example it
  was possible to enable both cycle-exact and JIT at the same time causing frozen emulation.
- Rare cycle-exact mode interrupt timing issue. (Guardian Dragon II / Kefrens random hang)
- Some minimized/inactive/active switching issues.
- Directory harddrives configured as unbootable still booted normally under KS 1.3.
- Windows dialogs (not GUI or file dialogs) were invisible in fullscreen Direct3D mode.

and more...

download ed informazioni

da Acube, Sam440ep_LatticeXP package

Bassano del Grappa (Italy) - 24 March 2012

ACube Systems is happy to release a package to explore and enhance the capabilities of the LatticeXP FPGA available on the Sam440ep mini-itx and flex-atx boards.

With the manual, examples and tools of the package it's possible to implement new functionalities into the FPGA, to further strengthen your AmigaOS experience on your Sam440ep board.

The package contains:

- VHDL source code (released under GPL) of the firmware currently used on Sam440ep boards
- the original bitstream installed at the factory (to restore the original firmware)
- a porting of the VME12 utility which can reprogram, via the JTAG interface, the FPGA on the fly under AmigaOS 4.1 (*)

(*) a simple hardware modification and a cable are required

https://acube-systemsbiz.serversicuro.i ... xp_1.0.lha

Videogames & retrogames / Sqrxz 3 game
« il: 24 Marzo 2012, 20:05:42 »
Rilasciato il game Sqrxz 3 per MorphOS/AROS/AmigaOS4.x/OSX/Win/ e svariati altri OS

informazioni e download  Sqrxz 3

precedenti  Sqrxz e  Sqrxz 2

MorphOS / Recensione SONNET Encore MDX duet G4 per MorphOS2.x
« il: 18 Marzo 2012, 20:13:20 »
Recensione SONNET Encore MDX duet G4 per MorphOS2.x da Obligement (per modelli PowerMac G4 MDD, FW800 e Xserve G4) ... 4_duet.php

Ot(ot) -> .:(@_@):. / anomalie dal mondo Amiga :-D
« il: 16 Marzo 2012, 18:11:58 »

rilasciati da Rupert Hausberger svariati aggiornamenti per utilities/tools, tra cui AmigaMark 1.1 benchmark program

AHIRNG (Random Number Generator via AHI)
ALI (AmIRC Log Inspector)
AmigaMARK (Benchmark Suite)
CanonToolBox (Digital Camera Software)
CloneCollect (Collect files with same conditions)
MinAD (Minimalistic Autodoc Viewer)
Relax (Control program for 8-bit realy-cards)
rhErase (Secure file eraser)
rhLaunch (GUI for E-UAE)
SAB (Secure Address Book with AES encryption)
SimpleCam (Digital Camera Software)
asciitable (print out the ascii-table in diffent modes)
crc128 (calculates 128bit crc-checksums)
dicpng (compress data into png-images)
fixdate (fix files that have a date in future)
passwd (simple password protection on boot)
rhc (a polymorphic cipher)
sha256ht (hash a directory with sha256)
shapng (sha256 of file to png-image)
sysflush (flushes unused libs, devs and fonts)


informazioni, immagini, download

AROS / Zune enhancement bounty [AROS]
« il: 04 Marzo 2012, 19:27:22 »
assegnato il bounty per Zune enhancement

The bounty has been assigned to Krzysztof Smiechowicz. The goal of the bounty is to implement the missing functionality in Zune so that Odyssey Web Browser can be compiled on AROS and has the same set of features MUI-wise as on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.

bounty e dettagli

non guardo con molta frequenza i film, ma ogni tanto mi ci impegno :)

Volevo segnalarvi un film, a mio parere fantastico (che non conoscevo) e che per caso ho visto questa sera ... uno dei migliori visti negli ultimi anni, si chiama "ogni cosa è illuminata", a mio parere un capolavoro.

per chi è curioso, si tratta di un viaggio... , tutto da vedere :)

MorphOS / bounty per Reggae media saving API
« il: 28 Febbraio 2012, 22:12:46 »
proposto da Grzegorz Kraszewski un "self" bounty per Reggae media saving API

To accelerate Reggae development I've decided to propose a self-bounty for media saving API. The detailed description of the bounty is , in Polish and English. The bounty is in PLN currency (today's exchange rate is around 4.2 PLN for 1 EUR), the threshold level is 1600 PLN (500 PLN donated already). I'm available for discussion and questions here, on forum, as well as on #morphos IRC channel.

The project goal is to add media saving (audio for the start) to the Reggae framework. The project constsis of following parts:
At least one datastream saver class, file.output, storing a stream to file.
One set of encoder and muxer (for example for AIFF format).
Design of API which allows encoders and muxers to submit GUI for setting their parameters to an application.
An example program demonstrating usage of components from 1. 2. and 3., released with the source code on a permissive license (BSD one for example). Such a program may be an audio format converter.
Documentation for mentioned classes, tutorial explaining process of writing the example program.
The goal of item 3. is to allow applications supporting new formats when they are added to Reggae, without a need to recompile the application. Reggae classes written for the bounty will be publicly distributed free of charge, and also will be contributed to the MorphOS code base.

Viaggi - Esperienze all'estero - FotoReportage / camper e vacanze
« il: 28 Febbraio 2012, 17:30:31 »
sento aria di vacanze :D

domando a voi informazioni ... mi piacerebbe nel periodo di fine Maggio, inizio Giugno, andare in vancanza al mare girando con un camper, qualcuno ha esperienze in tal senso ? , in particolare per quanto concerne il noleggio o possibilità "simili" (spendendo poco) di usufriore di un mezzo idoneo per lo scopo.

thanks :)

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