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« il: 05 ſettembre 2011, 16:02:09 »
Scheda di sviluppo per modellini radiocomandati, include anche una funzione di pilota automatico. Usando opportunamente il modulo GPS è possibile farlo navigare tramite dei Waypoint prestabiliti, oppure farlo tornare automaticamente alla base in caso di avaria (ad esempio batterie semiscariche oppure guasto alla sezione RC).

ArduPilot features include:

Can be used for an autonomous aircraft, car or boat.
Built-in hardware failsafe that uses a separate circuit (multiplexer chip and ATTiny processor) to transfer control from the RC system to the autopilot and back again. Includes ability to reboot the main processor in mid-flight.
Multiple 3D waypoints (limited only by memory)
Altitude controlled with the elevator and throttle
Comes with a 6-pin GPS connector for the 4Hz uBlox5 or 1hz EM406 GPS modules.
Has six spare analog inputs (with ADC on each) and six spare digital input/outputs to add additional sensors
Supports addition of wireless modules for real-time telemetry
Based on a 16MhZ Atmega328 processor. Total onboard processing power aprox 24 MIPS.
Very small: 30mm x 47mm
Can be powered by either the RC receiver or a separate battery
Four RC-in channels (plus the autopilot on/off channel) can be processed by the autopilot. Autopilot can also control four channels out.
LEDs for power, failsafe (on/off), status and GPS (satellite lock).

Codice sorgente / firmware:

Enjoy :-)
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Re: ArduPilot
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hoooo chebbelloooooo... è da un po' che mi frullano robe strane in testa come questa.....  :D
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