I love spending my free time to make original music, I have this passion since I was 15.

When I was young I have studied piano and later I’ve had a great time with the sax, I’ve also experimented the guitar but due to lack of time I failed.

Now I compose my music using a synth/workstation Yamaha MOX6 and an arranger Korg Pa600, these are two modern keyboards designed for different purposes and incredibly powerful, with gorgeous sounds and an endless editing capabilities.

I use the computer to record my creations and to apply some post processing effects, the big work is done on the keyboards and using their internal sequencers.

Before these two amazing products, I’ve had a Yamaha CS1-x, a great synthesizer, and a Yamaha PSR9000 arranger.

I haven’t a preferred kind of music but generally my tracks can be grouped under the new age, ambient, world/celtic, soundtracks and electronic genres. I compose generally in the night, instead of sleeping I wear my headphones and start to play almost randomly until something slowly takes a shape, when it becames something I like, I record it with the keyboard’s internal sequencer and I take a break. The day after I go to listen again what I’ve recorded and I decide if that rough idea can be elaborated or dropped.

Some of my preferred artists are J.M.Jarre, Vangelis, Enya, Loreena McKennit, and many others.

In this page you can find some of my works, I will continue to upload my original contents (actually I’ve something like 120 track including my early works), you can listen them for free, but if you find that what I’m doing deserve a little help you can share this page on social networks or you can buy my tracks on online stores (including iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify and many other), just look for my artist name ‘Allanon’, and I will be very happy!

Happy listening! And if you have questions feel free to contact me using the comments in this page or using one of the following channel:

Facebook SoundCloud Twitter Spotify iTunes YouTube


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